SPD, Greens and Liberals present a “social-liberal” government agreement

WorldSPD, Greens and Liberals present a "social-liberal" government agreement

Future Coalition of Social Democrats Olaf Scholz would give five ministries to the Greens and four to the Liberal Party (FDP)., which includes a major portfolio, finance, presumably including its leader, Christian Lindner.

The leaders of the three parties intend to present this Wednesday Balanced settlement, the result of complex negotiations And the difficulties caused by the rebound of the pandemic coincided with the change in power, at its peak in Germany.

Scholz, the leaders of the Greens—Analena Barbock and Robert Habeck—as well as the liberal Lindner, interrupted the decisive round to go to the chancellor, called by Angela Merkel, and resumed their deliberations this morning, while media filtered portfolio distribution,

The Social Democratic Party (SPD), the largest voting force in the general elections with 25.7%, would clearly For Chancellor, Scholz, and possibly health, a ministry with certain powers, as they are analogous to the ‘lander’, but very relevant at the moment. It will also correspond to the newly created Ministry of Housing, as well as defence, interior, labor and social affairs, a total of seven ministries, according to the weekly ‘Der Spiegel’ and the public television ARD. The dominant formation of the tripartite, an unprecedented constellation at the federal level in Germany.

Hare -which received 14.8%, its all-time high in national polls – would be a macro-ministerial of the economy and environment, perhaps for Hebek, while Beerbock would be foreign minister. The constitution of the Ecologist would also be analogous to that of the Chancellor, who is usually associated with foreign affairs in Germany. FDP, with 11.5%, campaigned for finances for Lindner and achieved that goal, in addition to taking up justice, transportation and education.

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division of ministries one of the controversial points Until the last moment and, exactly, the formal function of each of them will not be known this Wednesday, as it is up to each side to designate its own.

Germany would thus make a coalition agreement 59 days after the election On 26 September the Generals, which included Merkel’s conservative faction, Armin Lachet as the candidate, fell 24.1% to their all-time low in a national election.

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Agreement still to be ratified by three structures; The Social Democrats and Liberals plan to do so at a congress of their respective parties over the first weekend of December, with the Greens consulting their bases. The Social Democratic nominee, the outgoing chancellor and finance minister, is planned to become chancellor in the week of December 6.

Negotiations began on 28 September in a meeting between the leadership of the Greens and the Liberals – minor partners in a future coalition government – which was later crossed over and immortalized in a selfie that showed the Greens Berbock and Habeck and the Liberals Lindner and Volker Wissing. shows. The first meeting between environmentalists and liberals was interpreted as an attempt to seek coincidence and thus avoid a situation like in 2017, when, after weeks of talks, the FDP broke off talks with greens and conservatives.

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