Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Speed ​​cameras hit the road for Chinese drivers: tough for drivers

from 1st August (today)New York City2,000 speed cameras will work without interruption. Although the goal is to better protect pedestrians, many believe that in New York City, which is already packed with traffic, it will make it more difficult for motorists.

Liu Zhibin, who is engaged in architectural design, construction and property management, often drives an average of more than 60 miles a day, and is plagued by speedy cameras. He said that while running speed cameras throughout the day will certainly improve the safety of pedestrians, but for them driving should be more careful in future, which also means spending more and more time on the road every day in future, Worrying about delays in work. Many roads, and even some one-way streets, are now equipped with speed cameras. In the past, although the speed limit was 25 mph, because there were no pedestrians, it would exceed 30 mph, but now it can make driving very uncomfortable.

Zhao Lian often travels to various schools to arrange physical training classes or competitions. He said that schools are now basically installing speed cameras at school gates where there is a speed limit warning, which is beneficial for the safety of the students, and he very much agrees with that. However, there are also reports that after a full day of surveillance, the school’s high-speed cameras cannot be switched between 20 miles during class and 25 miles after school. Only a higher speed limit can be used, which may not be enough to maintain. Security.

long IslandResident Fu Longchang said that because the speed limits of Long Island and New York City are inconsistent, Long Island is loose, New York City is tight, and Long Island residents who go to Queens such as Flushing are very easy to get tickets, and he Said that his family had to bear the brunt of this. He estimates that after the implementation of the new rules, more people will get tickets.

Liu Zhibin believes that if the new speed camera is only for the safety of pedestrians, then he has nothing to say. However, this may not be the case, such as when heBrooklynAt the (Brooklyn) 278 freeway exit, she got two tickets a day. He believes that when he just got off the freeway, the speed is over 40 miles, and it’s hard to control within 25 miles. If you install a camera here, you will set up a trap suspecting that it is specifically designed to deceive people.


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