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Spotify secretly launched the controversial duo’s show – and it’s already a hit

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Spotify has a brand new original that tops its podcast charts, but if you don’t know it you might like it better.

Last week, Spotify launched a new pop culture show, break breadon Spotify Live. break breadThe recordings are now at No. 11 on Spotify’s top podcast charts, holding at No. 2 for most of the week behind Joe Rogan. The show’s popularity — and the reason the company may be keeping quiet about its new hit — is due to its two hosts: Jackie Oshry Weinreb and Claudia Oshry (aka Instagram’s Girl Without a Job), who Has a large built-in audience. While the sisters have brought huge fan bases to the app, their history is controversial, which could pose problems for Spotify at a time when the company is extra cautious.

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The sisters had a brief 2018 gig at Verizon’s now-defunct media brand Oath before being canceled the daily beast Reports say their mother is notorious conspiracy theorist and anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller, and both sisters have previously made racist and anti-Muslim remarks on social media.Sisters apologize, delete their Twitter accounts, and restart morning toast as a standalone podcast. Some fans were uncomfortable with their reluctance to deny the mother’s activities, but their audience was undeniable. The Oshry sisters have over 3.5 million followers on Instagram, their flagship podcast is currently in the top 100 on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and they maintain a seemingly strong Patreon base (stats are private now, but as of 2019) , they have over 9,000 subscribers). The Oshley sisters did not respond to requests for comment.

But if the Oshry sisters were controversial, you wouldn’t know that from their show. morning toast mostly plain pop culture fare, and break bread Much the same: Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe gown, Hailey Bieber’s skincare line, Britney Spears’ wedding. The Spotify Live platform also allows fans to join the show and seek advice on light-hearted topics like puppy training and singleness issues.

Follow the pattern of other Spotify Live shows such as After get off work with Alex Cooper and dating harry josey, the original show is played on the Live app and later released as a podcast on Spotify. Unlike those programs, break bread No promotions received from Spotify. The company did not issue a press release about the show, nor did it push on any of its social channels. The only promotions appear to be from Oshrys’ own social accounts and podcasts.

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That may have something to do with Spotify’s backlash over its nine-figure deal with controversy machine Joe Rogan. Rogan has the undisputed largest podcast in the world, and as Spotify’s podcasting power grows, the company needs him. But Spotify’s tireless support of Rogan has done some reputational, if not monetary, damage. Spotify declined to comment on why they chose to work with the Oshry sisters, or whether their past had something to do with the show’s lack of publicity, but with the way the company was approached break breadit appears to be for the unpacked Oshrys’ huge fan base.

even though break bread Harmless on its own, it debuted when Spotify was extra careful. Last week, the company announced the formation of a security advisory council to assist with its content moderation policy (a move Geller called a “government-backed internal coup”), and a new agreement with Integral Ad Science to strengthen its commitment to advertisers Brand Safety Analysis.

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But the company is also trying to boost its social audio app Spotify Live (formerly branded Spotify Greenroom) at a time when social audio is struggling, and break bread Possibly its biggest hit yet. If Oshrys continues to deliver numbers, the show will be hard to ignore by the company.

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