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TikTok’s short video feeds have been imitated by many competitors, from Instagram to Snap, YouTube and even Netflix. It seems that Spotify will join the imitation group this time. Spotify has confirmed that it is testing a new feature called Discover within the app. Discover is a feature that displays a music video in a vertical feed, with the user scrolling up and down. You can also make it a favorite or skip it. For users who are provided with this feature, there is one more tab and four tabs between “Home” and “Search” in the navigation bar at the bottom of the app screen.

The first time I pointed out this new featureChris Messina(Chris Messina) tweeted the operation of the Discover function in a video. He describes the feature as a “simplified version” of a TikTok-like feed that displays music videos.

Messina told TechCrunch that she found this feature in Spotify’s TestFlight version (beta for iOS). There’s a new icon in the navigation bar that shows the video feed as soon as you tap it. Swiping up and down to move the feed is very similar to TikTok. You can also tap the heart to make the song your favorite, or tap the three-dot icon to see the standard song information screen, he said.

He speculates that this feature may be leveraging Spotify’s pre-existing Canvas format.

Widely introduced in 2019, Canvas is a feature that allows artists to set the video that will be displayed with the song in the Spotify app. There are various opinions from users about this function. When listening to music, it’s better to see only the still image album artwork, while some say it’s annoying that the video loops, while others like the video loop. Anyway, Canvas seems to be doing what Spotify was aiming for, and the company has announced that it has a strong tendency to continue streaming and share and save songs as users watch Canvas.

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From the video shared by Messina and the other videos we watched, we were able to confirm that it was the existing Canvas video that was playing in the vertical feed. But Spotify didn’t explicitly admit this.

TechCrunch has asked Spotify for details on whether it plans to make this feature widely available, whether it’s available on both iOS and Android, and in which market it’s available. Spotify didn’t give details, but admitted that it was experimenting with the idea of ​​a vertical video feed.

The company says, “Spotify is constantly doing a lot of testing to improve the user experience. Some tests will ultimately broaden the user experience, while others are just important research. There is no more information we can share at this time. “

In short, this test is very early and may not be widely available. But even if it’s not widely available, it’s not surprising that Spotify is moving. The company has always sought to attract users by looking at popular formats on social media. I’ve also tested the Stories feature, which allows influencers to post their own playlists. But this feature wasn’t open to all Spotify users.

The TikTok format has been incorporated into popular social platforms. Instagram reels, Snapchat Spotlight, YouTube shorts, Pinterest idea pins and more. It is also proving to be the ideal format for finding content. Netflix, for example, recently introduced a short vertical video feed into its app and released it as a Fast Laughs feature. It delivers clips from the company’s content library, making it a tool for saving shows to watchlists and starting streaming right away. Similarly, the video-based Spotify Discover feature may play a role in introducing new music to users in a familiar format and communicating their interests to Spotify.

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