Saturday, November 26, 2022

“Squid Game” 78-year-old Grandfather Bursts Into Obscurity With “Evidence” And He Is Brought To Justice

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netflixKorean Drama,squid game“78-year-old actor Wu Yongzhu, who played the role of grandfather”, was shocked and accused of cheating! According to a report by Korean media JTBC, a woman accused him of lewd behavior in 2017, and Wu Yongzhu was prosecuted for alleged indecent assault.

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Wu Yongzhu played the role of Wu Yinnan, the No. 001 player in “Squid Game“, and displayed a wonderful rivalry with actor Lee Jung-jae. In January this year, Wu Yongzhu won the 79th “Squid Game”.golden globesTV Best Supporting Actor Award. Now the obscenity scandal came to the fore, which blew the senses of the fans.

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The report states that a woman A accused Wu Yongzhu of making inappropriate physical contact with her in 2017. Police accepted it late last year and decided not to hand it over to prosecutors. Oh Young-soo was suspicious and was called in last month to investigate.

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In this regard, Wu Yongzhu denied to JTBC that there was any forced obscenity, saying that “it was just holding hands by the lake to show the way.” He admitted that he apologized to A last year, but said that it was because he felt that the matter would not become a problem, and he did not accept it. Apologize for the alleged indecent assault.

However, the prosecution believed that he had inappropriate physical contact with A and had evidence, so he was handed over for trial.


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