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“Star Lord” and Arnold’s Eldest Daughter Adds Another Daughter Kardashian Sister to Marriage

Chris Pratt (left) and Kathleen Schwarzenegger have another daughter. picture / IG . excerpt from

Many happy events take place in the European and American entertainment industry: Kathleen, the eldest daughter of “Star-Lord” Chris Pratt and Arnold Schwarzenegger, announced last December that she was having a second child. Recently, the youngest daughter was born and they named her Elros. , and his eldest daughter, Laila, forms a family of four; The Kardashian family’s eldest sister, Kourtney, is inItalyThe marriage with musician Travis Barco, although it was her third marriage, was the most formal and grand.

Chris Pratt has been on the rise since performing “Star-Lord” in the Marvel movie. He has a son, Jack, with his ex-wife, “Scream” actress Anna Faris, and two children and daughters with his second wife, Kathleen. Chris with Kathleensocial networking siteIt was announced that the full name of the youngest daughter was Eros Christina Schwarzenegger Platt, and the couple was immersed in a feeling of happiness.

The Kardashian family’s eldest sister, Kourtney, turned their wedding into a 3-episode series. She and Travis Barko quickly married in Las Vegas after the Grammys ceremony, but later said it was just a “rehearsal”. was, so there was anothercaliforniaThis time only the bride’s grandmother and the groom’s father attended the ceremony. It turned out that his third marriage in Italy will officially take place here. In addition to the Kardashian sisters, Megan Fox was also present. Also joined by her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, the addition of the bride is becoming another focus.

Kourtney Kardashian (left) and Travis Barco married in Italy.  picture / IG .  excerpt from
Kourtney Kardashian (left) and Travis Barco married in Italy. picture / IG . excerpt from

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