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Starbucks has partnered with Amazon to open a cashier-less store in New York. The location is between the Park on 59th Street and Lexington Avenues. The store uses a combination of Starbucks ordering apps and Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology. The store seems to be an eclectic mix of cafes and Amazon Go stores. The latter was the first place to experience this e-commerce giant’s cashless technology.

Customers enter the store’s lounge using the Amazon Shopping app “In-Store Code” and scan their palm prints registered with their credit card or Amazon One on their device. Once you enter the store, you’ll find a small Amazon Go market with specially selected products from both companies. When you pick up an item, it goes into your virtual cart, and when you leave it, it’s priced at any store that uses Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology.

Amazon has been expanding the use of this cash-free technology for the past year and a half. It partnered with an airport kiosk to implement a no-payment experience and in June provided the technology to all grocery store Fresh Market. Some Whole Foods stores have also adopted the technology, and more recently licensed it to British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. This partnership with Starbucks is part of an effort to make Just Walk Out available everywhere.

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The Starbucks and Amazon joint stores are scheduled to open three stores by 2022, including this one. The second store is planning the Times Building on 40th Street in New York. If you want to experience without a cash register, go to the first place, the 59th Street.

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Engadget. The author, Mariella Moon, is an associate editor for Engadget.

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