State Senator Archuleta visits this newspaper, emphasizes education, curbs inflation, strengthens law and order, calls for re-election

California Senator Bob Archuleta (second from left) visits President Yu Zhiqin of Shibao (second from right), along with Zhou Baihua (first from right), Deputy Mayor of Diamond Bar City, and Wu Lilun (first from left). , was Walnut’s city councilor. , (Reporter Ding Shu/Photography)

democratcalifornia32 ConstituenciessenatorArchuleta (Bob J. Archuleta, transliterated), met with Los Angeles World Journal President Yu Zhikin on the 12th. The state senator, who ran for the 30th district after the district’s rescheduling, said he would be re-elected after Committed to curb inflation, strengthen law enforcement and take care of it.EducatedIncreasing environmental protection, combating crimes against Asian people, and helping Asian residents live and work in peace and contentment.

Latino Archuleta was elected senator for the 32nd district in November 2018, but after redistribution last year her district was changed to the 30th district, which includes several Chinese and Asian cities, including Diamond Bar, Walnut City, Rowland Hill and County joined. Industry City, Hagun, La Ponte, and Bre. Voters in these cities are not familiar enough with her, so Achuleta hopes to introduce herself to voters via the World Journal to gain more support.

Archuleta served in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division in its early years, served in the Vietnam War, and received congressional acclaim and accolades for service, as well as from the Vietnam Veterans Association of America, the Latino American Airborne Association, and overseas. received respect. War Veterans Association. He is currently the chairman of the California Senate Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs. He is the first Latino veteran to be appointed to the position. In addition, he serves on several state Senate subcommittees including business, environmental protection, economic development, government organizations, transportation, and insurance.

Archuleta said that education and security are the priorities and priorities of her administration. They have five children, two of whom graduated from the United States Military Academy, the eldest son attended USC, and his two daughters attended Pepperdine University and Chapman University (Chapman University). Their emphasis on education is their family value, which is in line with the cultural heritage of the Asian Pacific American community.

As a Democrat, he opposes radicals’ proposals to “discredit the police”. He said community safety was his legislative priority and focus, and maintaining police order was a guarantee. Public safety funding cannot be reduced but must be increased. Without a safe social environment, nothing would be complete.

In response to current inflation and high oil prices, Yachuleta believes that curbing prices is a top priority. The first is to create a business-friendly environment, reduce taxes and operating costs, provide more products in the market, and allow more people. Have stable income Income from work is the fundamental way to control prices.

During his first term as a California senator, he explored ways to develop resources for constituencies. For example, Whittier City Park was once camped by homeless people, and when they were relocated, a lot of garbage and tents and other debris were left behind. He applied to the government department for a special fund of 5 million yuan for cleaning, disinfecting, then refurbishing the park and restoring the environment in the city.

Chinese elected officials in the newly divided California 30th senatorial district, including Diamond Bar City Deputy Mayor Andrew Chou, Walnut City Councilman Wu Lilun, Senator Assistant Kyle Miller, and more, accompanied the senators to visit the World Daily.

California Senator Bob Archuleta (middle) meets with Shibao's President Yu Zhiqin (right) to speak...
California Senator Bob Archuleta (middle) met with President Yu Zhiqin (right) of Shibao and had a good conversation. On the left is Walnut City Councilor Wu Lilun. (Reporter Ding Shu/Photography)

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