Strategically important Ukraine: will fight till the end to regain Snake Island

Snake Island satellite image on the 8th. The Associated Press

UkraineMinistry of DefenceThe head of the General Intelligence Service (GUR), Kyrylo Budanov, said today that Ukrainian forces will continue fighting until the end to recapture Snake Island, a strategic location in the Black Sea.

According to Budanov, Snake Island is very important for Ukraine andRussiaThe attackers are all strategically important, mastering Snake Island to control the maritime zone, and to a lesser extent control the situation in Wunan’s airspace. In addition, Russia could launch an amphibious attack, which also makes Snake Island important.

“Whoever controls the island can at any time stop civilian ships headed to southern Ukraine from all directions,” Budanov said in a televised talk.

“Snake Island is Ukrainian territory, and we will fight to the end to fix it,” Budanov said.

Ukraine Russian Defense Ministry

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