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Stayway is a regional financial institution (Kanagawa Prefecture) based on the adoption of business restructuring subsidies as a support model case for the DX tool “subsidy cloud” for subsidies and subsidies for regional banks and credits on November 25. Announced that it has raised 70 million yen through a loan from Japan Policy Finance Corporation, a new corona countermeasure capital subordinated loan, and 5 million yen through a venture capital (VC) investment. The total amount raised was 150 million yen. The funds raised will be used for subsidy cloud development and enhancement, business development, and recruitment of engineers and customer success.

Japan Finance Corporation’s new Corona Countermeasures Capital Subordinated Loan facilitates financing by supplying capital funds to strengthen the financial structure of SMEs and small businesses affected by the Corona disaster. A system aimed at that. Since the repayment order is later than other debts and it is regarded as capital in the loan examination, it is characterized by being easy for local banks and credit unions to lend. For small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups, it is a scheme suitable for building a growth business from a medium- to long-term perspective such as unsecured, unguaranteed and no repayment for more than 5 years. There is.

According to the information released by Japan Finance Corporation (Japan Finance Corporation x Private Financial Institution Collaboration Initiative HP), the number of capital loans executed in Tokyo and Minami-Kantou, where the Stayway head office is located, is 25.

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Hybrid financing of 75 million yen from Stayway of subsidy / subsidy DX, subsidy / regional financial institution / VC

Subsidy Cloud, which started offering the closed beta version in November, is a cloud-type subsidy / subsidy acquisition support service for corporate sales. Subsidies and subsidies such as automation of subsidy guidance work that has become personal at regional financial institutions, visualization of subsidy application support work that has become unclear due to outsourcing, and improvement of the speed of joint financing and cofinancing. DX for money-based business enables the construction of strategic and efficient business processes for regional financial institutions.Hybrid financing of 75 million yen from Stayway of subsidy / subsidy DX, subsidy / regional financial institution / VC

The official release of the subsidy cloud is scheduled for 2022. Provide non-equity financing means to SMEs and start-ups through support for regional financial institutions. We will deepen cooperation with Japan Finance Corporation, which was the underwriter of this time, to expand support for acquiring capital loans, and digitize subsidy information and financing methods that were previously managed and distributed by analog methods. By doing so, he wants to collect information on subsidies in a shorter time and use it for application and loan support.Hybrid financing of 75 million yen from Stayway of subsidy / subsidy DX, subsidy / regional financial institution / VC


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