“Suns scored 6 games, headaches**!”, “Chris Paul is not as good as Cliff Paul”, “Luka saw Suns fans talking about his defense, he got 4 steals! ” — Fans drag Phoenix Suns relentlessly as their series with Dallas enters Game 7

The Phoenix Suns lead the Dallas Mavericks 2-0 in the second-round series of the 2022 NBA playoffs in a loss. The Suns failed to beat the Mavericks 113-86 in Game 6 on the road.

Luka Doncic reignited the Suns’ defense with 33 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists on the night. He was also active on the defensive end, finishing with four steals as the Mavs beat a disappointing Game 5 in style.

Fans frown on Phoenix Suns and their superstar duo Devin Booker and Chris Paul as Luka Doncic outplays them to force Game 7 win

The Phoenix Suns, arguably one of the most hated teams in the NBA right now, have gotten a lot of flak for their inability to shut down the Dallas Mavericks despite holding a 2-0 advantage early on. Devin Booker and Chris Paul were ruthlessly mocked online by fans as they were beaten solo by Luka Doncic.

Booker and Paul combined for 32 points, 10 rebounds, seven assists and 13 turnovers on the night. Doncic, meanwhile, had 33 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists, but only had one turnover.

Here are some of the best reactions to Luka’s performance and the dismal performances of Paul and Booker:

They’re really talking about Suns 4 🤣🤣🤣 Who they think we are

It struck me that the Phoenix Suns looked like a non-playoff team tonight in their final game in Dallas. Chris Paul could also be Cliff Paul. Oh well, into Game 7.

Luka said after the last game “everyone was tough when they got up” and he didn’t lie 😂😂 I don’t hear the Suns under 20 right now, IMHO https://t. co/PgOMPskGgM

Luka saw Suns fans talking about his defense, and he had 4 steals. Goat activity 🤣🤣🤣#MFFL https://t.co/6bIqz9zjFV

It would be WILD for the 23-year-old Luka to beat this Suns team without any star teammates.

Chris Paul and Devin Booker combined: 33 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, Luka Doncic: 33 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists, a considerable level.

Devin Booker’s warm-up: lunges, sprints, mid-range, free throws, layups, wide stretches Luka’s warm-up: Maxi bounces the ball off his head

Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks in spotlight for failures

The Phoenix Suns-Dallas Mavericks series has been controversial so far. Both teams have been convicted of fouls that have landed opposing impact players in foul trouble in nearly every game so far. Devin Booker and Chris Paul have been criticized before for their antics, and fans have been paying attention to it.

With the Suns getting a golden chance to seal a series win, the duo is once again getting a lot of attention online. Here are some of the best responses:

I’m for CP3, but the kind of jabroni nonsense he and Crowder are trying to pull is maddening.

This emoji is Booker: 😩

I’m not going to lie

Both the Suns and Mavericks will struggle to perform well on the road. Neither game was a close match, but so far the series has been a lot of fun. Both teams played at the level of playoff intensity that fans have been expecting in the playoffs.

The Phoenix Suns will go into Game 7 with home-court advantage, but the Dallas Mavericks are expected to fight. They did a great job eliminating a 2-0 deficit. With Luka Doncic playing at an MVP level, it would be foolish to rule out the Mavs creating an upset at the expense of the league-leading Suns and advancing to the Western Conference finals.

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