Supreme Court of Justice launches preliminary investigation into Jennifer Arias for plagiarism in her master’s thesis

U.S.A.Supreme Court of Justice launches preliminary investigation into Jennifer...

In the photo: Speaker of the House of Representatives Jennifer Arias. (Colprensa-Sergio Acero)

This Tuesday, November 23, the Supreme Court of Justice reported that it would launch a preliminary inquiry against the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jennifer Arias, after Colombia’s university boycott Verify the plagiarism of the congressman’s thesis.

The High Court announced that it would initiate the process against the ruling party MP, who denied having spent his undergraduate work in this conduct, with which he obtained the title of Magistrate in Government and Public Policy, and assured that The judicial officers they will be in charge of clarifying these facts.

“According to the existing rules and jurisprudence, and on the basis of the evidence, The University will request the Council of State to annul the above degrees before administrative disputed jurisdiction, and send the relevant document to the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court.The University of Externado said in the statement.

The determination was made after the university‘s legal office referred proceedings to the Supreme Court of Justice’s investigative chamber over alleged infringement of copyright in Jennifer Arias’ degree work, which was established by an expert who found five was detected. cases in which the infringement has been committed.

Magistrate Hector Alarcón, belonging to the Supreme Court of Justice’s Chamber of Instruction, will have the task of hearing Congress’ statements, gathering sufficient evidence, and determining whether to launch a formal investigation against the Democratic lawmaker. Center.

For his part, the Speaker of the House of Representatives did not mention the decision, however, in a video broadcast after the university‘s statement was published, he assured that he had faith in the justice of the country and that this serious complaint would be resolved. expected to do. Forum.

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“The university has said that it is going to go to court. I would have preferred, as it were, the right thing to do, to solve it in an academic setting. However, I have faith in the Colombian justice system and it will be on those stands where I will prove my innocence and I will show that my right to a hearing was not guaranteed, but also that my name has been tarnished,” Arias said .

In the video, the representative assured that he learned from the press and social networks what had been uncovered by his alma mater; what’s more, pleaded for his alleged innocence, However the university said that a computer software detected several sections of Arias’ degree work with paragraphs and other information taken from the Internet.

At the same time, he raised a sharp question on the information released by the Academy and questioned the method. In which Externado investigates the facts of ‘academic corruption’ That today one of the heads of the Congress of the Republic is sloppy.

“I am worried and disappointed by the various incidents that are happening”, Said Arias, who assured that the University of Externado does not want to hear their version or give them the presumption of innocence that is usually held by everyone involved.

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