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Suspect who killed Chinese delivery man commits suicide as owner of Chinese restaurant: No one is happy the truth will sink in the sea

Hirsch, the suspect who allegedly shot dead delivery man Yan Zhiwen at the Great Wall Chinese restaurant, committed suicide on the morning of the 5th morning trial. Restaurant owner Ken Yang said no one was happy with the news, and highlighted his death.New York CityThe proliferation of guns and loopholes in the judiciary thus absolves them of criminal responsibility, and the truth will never be found.

Suspect involved in murder of a Chinese-American delivery man in New York commits suicide and leaves “declaration of death” to claim not guilty

Suspect Hirsch, who is suspected to have shot and killed delivery man Yan Zhiwen at a Great Wall Chinese restaurant, committed suicide before the hearing on the morning of the 5th. The restaurant owner said it was not good news. (Reporter Mu Lan/Photography)

New York City police informed Yan Zhiwen’s wife, Zhao Kunying Hirsch, of the cause of death on the 5th. She was shocked and angry at the death of the suspect. She did not believe that the suspect who killed her husband committed suicide, saying she could “escape from the shell” and avoid criminal responsibility under the law.

When Yang Kai learned that Hirsch had committed suicide, he admitted that it was not good news, and no one was happy about it. “I didn’t explain that to us.” He threatened her outside the door, saying he would “kill” everyone.” She called the police several times for help. The police only took her pictures 20 years ago and asked her to testify.

Even if police were provided with a large amount of evidence such as surveillance video, Yang Kai said police did not arrest the suspect until a month after Yan Zhiwen’s death. During the hearing, he was also allowed to pay 500,000 yuan in bail. pending trial, which caused great harm to the community. destabilizing factor; Yang Kai also said that police did not patrol outside the store as scheduled, criticizing prosecutors for neglectAsianThe community caused tragedies that “could have been saved”.

Hirsch gets into an argument with the Great Wall Chinese restaurant for not getting enough sweet and sour sauce.  (Reporter Mu Lan/Photography)
Hirsch gets into an argument with the Great Wall Chinese restaurant for not getting enough sweet and sour sauce. (Reporter Mu Lan/Photography)

Talking about the dispute with Hirsch, Yang Kai recalled that the suspect initially insisted on withdrawing the food on the grounds that he did not get enough sweet and sour sauce. He told the other party that he could ask for it at the counter at will, and Hirsch left, and 15 minutes later, he returned to say that the food was not tasty and insisted on returning the money; Yang Kai pointed out that during the process of police coming to coordinate, he had clearly stated the reason for the incident.EpidemicReason for not being able to return the food, but Hirsch “relentlessly chased down” and harassed him and the staff several times.

Yang Kai said that Hirsch committed suicide with a gun while on bail, indicating the laxity of the judiciary’s handling of guns. He hoped that the matter would attract attention and prevent the tragedy from happening again. On bail and shot, what should we do? management?”

Chen Yi, who helped Yan Zhiwen’s widow, said that Hirsch should be punished by law. He did not want him to escape criminal responsibility in this way and be prosecuted by law. He pointed out that Hirsch’s case was contrary to common sense and questioned his arrest. Why the records were sealed, and how to get the firearm while awaiting trial, etc. Call the judiciary to give the truth to the deceased.


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