Sunday, August 14, 2022

Suspected 3 batches of 2 drones of the People’s Liberation Army continued to harass the Kinmen Defense Area and were countered by defenders

suspectPeople’s Liberation ArmyDrones continued to be visible in the Kinmen defense area. Army Kinmen Defense Command said there were 2 batches of unidentified drones and 3 flights. On the evening of the 6th, they continued to enter prohibited and restricted waters in the Kinmen and Beading areas. The defenders followed standard operating procedures.

Video Source: United News Network

The Army’s Jinmen Defense Command said that on the evening of the 6th, two batches and three types of drones were found entering restricted and restricted waters in the Kinmen and Beiding areas. Garrison troops will fire signal bombs to warn them in accordance with standard operating procedures, and maintain surveillance and high alert in the future.

The Defense Ministry pointed out that the use of combined intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance methods in the defense sector can fully understand the surrounding dynamics; And the camouflage of camps, facilities and positions is implemented in accordance with the rules, and they are able to respond promptly in case of emergency.


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