Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Suspected that the pressure of epidemic prevention is too high

There is a lot of pressure on the grassroots level of epidemic prevention in Shanghai, and it is rumored that some grassroots officials committed suicide. (Xinhua News Agency)

ShanghaiepidemicStill not slackening, on the evening of April 13, Chinese social platforms spread the news that an official of the Shanghai Health and Health Commission committed suicide in the office.

According to Hong Kong media reports, Qian Wenxiong, director of the Information Center of the Health and Health Commission of Shanghai’s Hongkou District, committed suicide on April 12 due to the excessive workload during the new crown epidemic, but the above information has not been officially confirmed.



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According to the pictures quoted in the report, Qian Wenxiong’s family issued an obituary in his circle of friends on April 13, saying that he passed away at 1:19 pm on April 12, and everything would be simplified during the epidemic, and pointed out that “the family is currently mourning. unacceptable”. Earlier it was reported that Qian Wenxiong hanged himself in the office, saying that he experienced “the late stage of cancer in his lover. Originally, he had a heavy mental burden, and the workload during the epidemic was huge.” According to the data, Qian Wenxiong’s probation period expired in July 2020. After passing the assessment, he officially became the director of the Information Center of Shanghai Hongkou District Health and Health Commission.

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