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Suspended sentence for ex-nurse convicted of fatal drug offense

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She took a deep breath, apparently trembling, as she waited for the judge to announce her sentence. After the sentence, when the others left the courtroom, she put a tissue over her eyes and cried with her head on the table.

Outside the courthouse, purple-clad nurses gathered in support and enthusiasm, Nashville News Channel 5 reported.


Ms Waters told reporters in March that what happened in 2017 was “always with me”.

“When you look after a patient and have something that connects you, you will not – for better or worse – as a nurse or any good health care provider, you will not forget it.” She said.

Mr Striens argued that Ms Waters’ mistake was due to systemic issues at the hospital, such as communication problems with the pharmacy.

But prosecutors argue that his mistake was criminal negligence. According to a report by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, when she could not find the drug, she overwritten the medical system on her computer, typed “VE” and selected the first drug on the list (the parasitic agent vecuronium).

She then failed to “respond to specific ‘red flags’,” the report said: “Vecoronium came in powder form and had a red cap, unlike vecoronium liquid Verside, which wrote” Warning: Paralyzing Agent.


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