SUV crashes into Philadelphia subway station at 100 mph

Three people were killed and one was seriously injured and overturned when a utility driver crashed into the Pennsylvania Metro Allegheny station on Allegheny Avenue in the Kensington district of Philadelphia on the 10th. (screenshot of NBC Philadelphia local television)

a utility vehicle in Pennsylvania (SUV) driver who was driving at a speed of 100 mphphiladelphiaAllegheny Avenue in Kensington rammed into the Pennsylvania Metro’s Allegheny station and overturned, killing three people and seriously injuring one, one of whom may have been pulled apart by the force of the impact.

Philadelphia Police said that at approximately 2:45 a.m. on the 10th, the SUV driver was driving east on Allegheny Avenue, approaching Kensington Avenue, but was too fast to make an easy turn, so he took two routes. crossed the crossroads.Metro stationAnd then slammed into the station wall.

Investigator Smalls (Scott Smalls) said that after police arrived at the scene, they found that two innocent pedestrians were affected and killed, a man and a woman. the head is missing; The force of the collision may have been that the driver was thrown out of the car, and was not found at first, but later when the scene was cleared the body of the driver was found, and all three were pronounced dead on the spot. been done.

In addition, a 53-year-old man was innocently flogged through the place. He was immediately sent to Temple University Hospital for emergency treatment. Although the injury was serious but in stable condition, it is estimated that his life is not in danger.

At the time of the car accident, a pedestrian took video of the moment of impact. The video showed the SUV hitting the gate of the metro station, the station wall and several passers-by at high speed. One of the pedestrians was even hit and flew over the sidewalk several feet away. After the vehicle stopped, the front cover was completely damaged and smoking continued; Philadelphia city officials arrived at the scene to see if the body of the subway station was damaged and whether it was in need of repair.

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