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Tainan worshiped at Dianwu Temple, the month old has a good reputation

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Worshiped at the Sidian Martial Arts Temple in the Central and Western District of Tainan City, Yu Lao is known as one of the “Four Great Moon Elders” in Fucheng. Looking for a wedding, this year, I received one every two weeks.


Yu Lao Temple is located in the rear hall of the Temple of Sacrifice and Martial Arts. “May all the lovers of the world get married, and I hope all the family members of the world are lovers” a couplet posted on the door. “According to legend, in addition to seeking marriage, it is also very effective in cutting off rotten peach blossoms. Many pilgrims visit the temple on weekdays, and it is even more vibrant on Valentine’s Day.

Temple staff of sacrificial and martial arts reported that in addition to the pilgrims who visit the temple, there are many people who send letters to Yu Lao every year. ”, told her husband Yu.

Temple officials said that about two years ago they had received a letter fromJapanThe letter signed “Tanaka Hiroto”, and detailed information such as date of birth, hope Yu Lao can have a good marriage. This year, temple officials found that “Tanaka Hiroto” sent letters more often. Since January, he has received an “urgent letter” almost every two weeks. The handwritten material isn’t the same, and they’ll even attach a picture of an old moon and a red wire. I feel very religious.

Temple officials told that due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)EpidemicAs a result, in recent years, many foreign pilgrims have not been able to personally visit the temple for incense, and the number of letters has increased. Since January this year, about 50 letters have been received from Japanese believers. sender and let them know that the letter has been received.



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