Taiwan adds 64,972 confirmed cases and 41 new cases of COVID-19 deaths

There were 65,011 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, 64,972 local cases and 39 imported cases, along with 41 deaths.Photo/Provided by Command Center

Taiwan added 65,011 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 64,972 local cases and 39 imported cases, 34 were positive for flight landing tests, and 41 new deaths were confirmed among the confirmed cases. Central PopEpidemiccommand center commanderChen ShizongThe number of local cases is the same as yesterday, but there were 41 deaths today, the highest this year.

The command center said that 64,972 new local cases were reported today, of which 30,657 are males, 34,292 females and 23 are under investigation, aged 5 and above 90 years. Cases were distributed in New Taipei City (2 12,483), Taipei (11,613). ), Taoyuan (9,434), Taichung (3,708), Kaohsiung (3,664), Tainan (2,357), Keelung (2,036), Hsinchu County (1626 cases), Yilan County (1425 cases), Changhua County (1169 cases), Pingtung County (1154 cases), Hualien County (1008 cases), Miaoli County (742 cases), Yunlin County (580 cases), Hsinchu City (579 cases), Taitung County (348 cases), Nantou County (317 cases), Chiayi County ( 314 cases), Chiayi City (228 cases), Penghu County (104 cases), Kinmen County (65 cases), Jiang County (18 cases), the investigation of related epidemics is going on.

The command center reported that 41 new deaths were reported from local cases today, including 18 men and 23 women, aged between 50 and 90.vaccinevaccination. The date of diagnosis is between 8 April and 10 May, today (2022), and the date of death is between 2 May and 10 May.

The command center said that of the 39 new immigration cases today, 18 were men and 21 were women, ranging in age from less than 5 to more than 60 years.

According to command center data, so far, Taiwan has collected 9,374,088 cases of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia related notifications (excluding 8,739,409), of which 635,870 were confirmed, including 12,092 imported cases, 623,724 local cases and 36 Dunmu Fleet Are included. Cases, infection in 3 aircraft, 1 unknown and 14 are under investigation.

Since 2020, there have been a total of 1,009 COVID-19 deaths, of which 994 are local. The counties and cities in which the cases reside are: 483 in New Taipei City, 360 in Taipei City, 44 in Keelung City, 36 in Taoyuan, 16 in Changhua County, and Hsinchu County. 14 cases, 11 cases in Taichung City, 6 cases in Yilan County, 5 cases in Hualien County, 4 cases in Pingtung County, 3 cases in Miaoli County, one each in Kaohsiung City, Yunlin County, Nantou County, Tainan City and Taitung County 2 cases, Hsinchu City in Chiayi County 1 case each; Another 15 cases were imported from abroad.

The command center once again calls on the public to complete vaccinations as soon as possible, implement personal protective measures such as hand hygiene, cough etiquette and wearing masks, reduce unnecessary movement, activities or gatherings, and reduce crowding. -Avoid entering and leaving crowded places. risk of infection transmission and actively cooperate with various epidemic prevention measures, download and use “Taiwan Social Distancing APP”, and jointly vigorously protect the community defense line.

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