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Taiwan Command Center allows the public to purchase up to 100 quick-screening agents from overseas

On the 11th, the Taipei city government began adding a “vehicle speed” epidemic prevention emergency clinic to the parking lot of the Muza Machine Factory next to Wenshan Zoo. Early in the morning, people lined up on their bicycles for the screening. Reporter Huang Yishu / Photography

Taiwan’s domestic cases increased by 57,000 on the 11th, a 12% increase from the 10th and the number of deaths increased by 8. Of these, 3 people fell ill at home and experienced coma, fainting, and difficulty in breathing.

Professor Chen Xiuxi of National Taiwan University’s Institute of Epidemiology and Pre-Medicine estimated that within 39 days from April 1 to May 9, 38 people were not properly shunted, resulting in missing 5 days of Golden Medicine treatment. Done, that changed straight away. Mild to light. In severe cases, calls for “accurate rapid screening” to detect cases early and “precise hospitalization and ICU care” to avoid an escalation of serious deaths.

The 3 types of rapid screening are the same as a positive diagnosis and will be on the road on the 12th

Popular in Central TaiwanEpidemicIn the past, the command center estimated by the effective reproduction number (RT value of 2) that there were approximately 75,000 people diagnosed at 11 in Japan, and the upper limit was 102,000, but the number of new cases remained as on the 11th. 5 Analysis of the situation of inspection in the city north of Wenzhe to the Mayor of Kaitaipei, “The number of confirmed cases now hacked”, CommanderChen ShizongHe said the epidemic curve is sharp and flat, and it is impossible to catch it completely. Currently, “Taiwan is facing a major transition period.”

The Taiwan Command Center announced that a policy of “Quick Screening Positive as Confirmed Diagnosis” will be on the road from the 12th, and is applicable only to three categories of people who are positive for rapid screening, “Home Isolation”, ” Self-containment”, and “Home Quarantine Period”. Write the name and test date on the reagent cartridge. When using the remote APP or other video system, take a photo and upload it with the health insurance card for video evaluation. doctor.

On the 11th, 8 deaths were added, and 3 patients were sent to hospital on the day of onset, but first aid was ineffective. Fang Zhenzhong, director of the National Taiwan University Hospital’s emergency room, said that daily screening capacity reached Taiwan’s 50,000 cases. has gone. Symptoms are not clear and there are many comorbidities, making the diagnosis difficult. It is not easy to screen and take oral medications as quickly as possible. In addition, overcrowded emergency rooms also reduce the willingness of elders to seek medical treatment. It is necessary to allocate medical resources more correctly. If you have no symptoms, do not occupy the emergency room. Resources.

BNT KIDSvaccineArrived in Taiwan on 16th

For patients on dialysis and in long-term care institutions, patients with impaired renal function may simply choose Merck’s oral drug “Monapilvir”. Only 5,000 copies are bought in China. Chen Shizong said he would “buy more”. Conversation with the manufacturer. Pfizer’s BNT vaccine for children was originally expected to arrive in Taiwan on the 12th, but due to a failure of the supplier’s system, it was changed to arrive in Taiwan on the 16th.

Open to the public to purchase rapid screening agents from overseas

In order to meet the public’s needs for rapid screening, in addition to the real name system for rapid screening and the opening of accelerated screening reagents in 8 major supermarkets, the Food and Drug Administration announced on June 11 that from June 30, The public can purchase accelerated screening reagents from overseas without needing to be approved by the FDA Project, each limited to one application with a maximum of 100 doses.

The 86 veterans who died in May 2019 immediately prepared a table/medical team
The 86 veterans who died in May 2019 immediately prepared a table/medical team

Chen Shizong Epidemic Vaccine

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Diagnosis More than 50,000 + 12 dead medicine beds are in the emergency command center: still distance from border


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