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Taiwanese celebrity Zhu Xueheng was accused of forcibly kissing the husband of Kuomintang MP Chung Peijun while drunk and testified in court.

Famous mouthpiece Zhu Xueheng suspected of forced kissKuomintangTaipei City Councilor Zhong Peijun was charged with forcible indecency by the Beijing Prosecutor’s Office. Today, the North Court summoned Zhong Peijun’s husband Chen Brown, a media person named Fan, and a waiter named Chen at the incident site to testify.

zhong peijun was also there in the morningFacebookShe wrote on the PO, “Today, my husband will go to the battlefield for me and face Zhu Xueheng again.” She said her husband consoled her and the court appearance was regarded as helping to restore Zhu’s memory. Maybe it’s not a memory problem, but a shame. Heart.”

Zhong Peijun said that she chose not to tell her husband, who was her boyfriend at the time, because just thinking about that shameful incident made her so uncomfortable that it almost suffocated her. She could not imagine that her husband would be forced to think that from now on whenever he saw Zhu Xueheng, his face would change; She was even more worried that her husband, who was already delicate and sensitive, would be tortured like her and would not be able to sleep at night. But in the end, she couldn’t bear this incident interfering with their basically transparent relationship.

Zhong Peijun said that after he spoke, her husband listed the management methods rationally and clearly. Her husband came forward and the lawyer saw that Zhu Xueheng had written the separation letter word by word in the law firm “to take the initiative.” Embrace Zhong Peijun without consent and against her will and trust.” He apologized for kissing client Zhong Peijun and said, ”I will make every effort to stay away from client Zhong Peijun and her relatives in the future. Will do.”

She said that later, as everyone watched, Zhu Xueheng denied it and denied it in every way like someone who had lost his memory. During these difficult days, what did others do, apart from seeking professional psychological counseling, to save themselves from relapse?’ I didn’t know that her husband not only faced Zhu Xueheng, but also held up the umbrella for her again and again, stopping all kinds of sudden heavy rains.

Chung Peijun said that when her friend’s mother publicly called her “that gentleman who was forcibly kissed by a congressman”, and when all kinds of nasty comments and political conspiracy theories contrary to facts spread on the Internet, She would not be able to tolerate being at court without his calm and steadfast protection. Make things clear again and again.

Zhong Peijun said: “After the morning comes, the court will be held again. This time, our family of three will fight together.”

Zhong Peijun posted on Facebook on June 8 last year that Zhu Xueheng invited him to dinner in August 111 of the Republic of China. At the end of the meal, Zhu Xueheng “came up to where I was sitting and without any warning hugged me, kissed me and said, “You won’t remember tomorrow anyway.” Zhu Xueheng replied, “I feel like I can’t deny it” and “I feel like I made a mistake” and reported himself to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the prosecutor’s investigation, Zhu Xueheng invited Zhong Peijun to a restaurant in Taipei on August 6, 2011. Zhong Peijun invited a friend surnamed Chen to accompany him to the appointment. After the friend surnamed Chen left. Zhu Xueheng walked towards Zhong Peijun, pressed his shoulders with both hands, and forcibly kissed Zhong Peijun’s lips. Afterwards, he stood up again and walked towards Zhong Peijun. He pressed her shoulder with one hand and held her arm with the other. She ignored Zhong Peijun’s head turning and tried to move away, and forcefully kissed her lips again.

The Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office determined that Zhu Xueheng succeeded in forcibly molesting Chung Peijun twice in a row. In October last year, she prosecuted Zhu Xueheng for the crime of forced indecency.

In addition, Zhu Xueheng was banned from leaving the country and abroad for 4 months during the investigation period. The Taipei District Court recently ruled that Zhu Xueheng will be banned from leaving the country and abroad for the next 8 months, starting from February 6 this year.

Celebrity Zhu Xueheng was accused of forcibly kissing North City Councilor Zhong Peijun after drinking alcohol. Zhu denied the crime and prosecutors charged him with forcible indecency. The Taipei District Court called Chung’s husband Chen Brown (front left) to testify in the morning, and Chung Peijun (front right) accompanied him. (Reporter Lin Bodong/Photography)



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