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Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan held its first Lunar New Year session in 20 years. Fu Kunqi: Kuomintang is ready

In the first consultation with the government and opposition parties at the new session of the Legislative Yuan, the three parties reached a consensus and decided to hold the session on February 20.KuomintangFu Kunqi, general secretary of the Youth League, said that the two issues discussed in the first talks between the government and the opposition werehan guoyuThis was accomplished through mediation. The three party groups communicated fully within half an hour and decided to start the meeting on February 20. The meeting on the 11th day of the first lunar month is also the earliest meeting day after the Lunar New Year. Last 20 years.

According to the data, the first session starting from the second session was on January 19, 1982, the third session was on February 23, 1985, the fourth session was on February 26, 1988 and the sixth session was in February 1994. 25, the 7th session on 22 February 1997, the 8th session on 24 February 2010, the 9th session on 19 February 105 and the 10th session on 21 February 109, all meetings were held on Fridays. Meetings were held only on 5 Feb 19. 1991 is a Tuesday. This is the second time that the opening day of the first session is on Tuesday.

Fu Kunqi said that in the past 20 years, the meeting has been held after the 12th day of the first lunar month. In this dialogue between the government and the opposition, all parties and groups expressed a lot of opinions. Finally, Legislative Yuan Yu Guoguo announced on February 20 that all grassroots civil servants in the Legislative Yuan can easily prepare relevant materials and documents for the Executive Yuan after the annual recess.

Fu Kunqi pointed out that today was the first dialogue between the government and the opposition for the 11th Legislative Council, and the atmosphere was cordial. He also expressed hope that when facing relevant Congress reforms in the future, all parties and groups can jointly support and promote them as soon as possible. The Kuomintang Youth League requires Executive Director Chen Jianren to make a clear report on all the corruption in the past eight years. They will also be prepared to make every possible effort to clarify the truth of the relevant incidents.

Hong Mengcai said that the Kuomintang is prepared, and most importantly, it is hoped that the administrative department will also be prepared. Especially when Chen Jianren’s general policy report was delivered on February 1, it was still unprepared to face the new public opinion. He appealed that the Executive Yuan and relevant ministries would not just mess up. After the meeting, they will definitely inspect and supervise the administrative departments with the highest standards and take the most correct decisions.



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