Taiwan’s veteran actor Liu Yinshang successfully battled cancer six times and recovered from chemotherapy. They were afraid of “not coming back”

Liu Yinshang loves the new play “Hello, Who Am I” audition. (Reporter Li Zhenglong / Photography)

Koo Shixun, Cui Pei and Liu Yinshang starred in the Taiwanese big love drama “Hello, Who Am I”. He attended the audition yesterday and shared the joys and sorrows of filming. 84-year-old Liu Yinshang starred in the playMadnessOff-screen, the old man admitted that he was suffering from the second stage of lymphoma in May last year. After 6 chemotherapy treatments in a year, he saved his life. She was the only one who could sing soprano. Need to practice, I haven’t practiced for a very long time “now I can only sing mezzo-soprano”.

Liu Yinshang was one of the lead actors in “Jing Jing”, the first TV series in Taiwanese TV history. She won Best Actress at the Taipei Film Awards for “Take Mom Out to Play”. She has been in the film and television industry for more than 60 years. She revealed that she was staying at the Chiay Hotel when she filmed “Hello, Who Am I” in May last year. One day he took a bath and found a swollen underarm. She went to the hospital for a puncture to find a benign breast tumor.

But because of TaiwanEpidemicThree-level alert may not work after 2 monthsTumorWhen it got bigger, she had immediate surgery to remove it. After testing, it turned out to be stage 2 lymphoma. She was terrified and thought, “I’m finished, I’m sick, and I can’t come back.”

When the doctor suggested chemotherapy, she refused for a while, but was later advised: “Lymphoma is the easiest to treat, the easiest and best, don’t give up.” She was still very surprised to remember the hair loss. After chemotherapy, “I really didn’t expect a handful of hairs to fall out when I caught it. It’ll be like this.” Now that the cancer cells have disappeared, and all the new growth is black hair, keep an optimistic mood and live life, just visit the doctor every month.

Cui Pei (from left), Liu Yinshang, Ku Shixun in the new play at the audition
Cui Pei (from left), Liu Yinshang, Kuo Shixun love the new play “Hello, Who Am I” at the audition. (Reporter Li Zhenglong / Photography)

Liu Yinshang said he found a lump in his armpit after finishing the operation in May last year. After surgery on the breast for a puncture investigation, the doctor said it was a benign tumor. A month later, the lump got bigger, and after testing, I was shocked it was stage 2 lymphoma. I was in a panic and thought, “I’m finished, I’m sick, and I can’t come back.”

“Hello, who am I” is taken from the story of Dr. Cao Wenlong, an official neurology department. Ku Shixun and Cui Pei worked together again after 20 years. When my mother passed away less than a year ago, I met Dr. At Cao’s house, Grandmother Cao (played by Liu Yinshang) was already a little neurotic, and she warmly held her hand, as if she were treating her own relatives, “Every move, I deepen my heart. I couldn’t control when I was filming, so it was easy to get into.”

Ku Shiksun noted that there are people with dementia in the family, and caregivers are more difficult. Cui Pei sighed that his mother had been operated on for a brain hemorrhage. She wept bitterly in the hallway, and it was only later she learned that her mother was confused by her morphine operation, but she felt even more pressure from caregivers.

New play for Liu Yinshang and Kuo Shixun (right) at the audition meeting
Liu Yinshang and Kuo Shixun (right) love the new play “Hello, Who Am I” at the audition meeting. (Reporter Li Zhenglong / Photography)

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