‘Taked in Your Kitchen’: A MasterChef Celebrity Colombia participant is the first guest

U.S.A.'Taked in Your Kitchen': A MasterChef Celebrity Colombia participant...

‘Stuck in your kitchen’. Photo: Instagram @frankelflaco (Photo: Instagram @ frankelflaco /)

Of all the reality shows and soap operas currently airing, the Colombian public will have a new production to watch on screen: ‘Stuck in your kitchen’. The program belongs to the RCN channel and The date marked on the calendar for its premiere is November 21., And, as has already been seen in the promotional pieces, the ones that will carry forward the common thread of production will be Christopher Carpentier (Chilean chef) and Frank Martinez (penny comedian).

Now, what’s in your kitchen? Well, beyond having a recording set specifically for the development of the program, what will be done is filming in the homes of various entertainment figures and there are two fundamental factors: to begin with, Martinez will appear in the role of “every show” comically. The famous home corner with a full story”, as read in a statement; and yes, in his profession as a chef, Christopher Carpentier would have to cook. Basically everything to talk, home visit. And something is about making culinary preparations.

“There’s a show coming up where Christopher Carpentier and I have free rein to suck on cock and cook food in the houses of the famous”, Martinez wrote on Instagram in early November.

In those days, Chili even gave an account of his happiness for this work in collaboration with the comedian. “So happy to be doing this new show on Canal RCN with your favorite part, Frank”, He also expressed on social networks.

It was also reported this week that The first episode of ‘Metido en Tu Cocina’ will take place at Carla Giraldo’s house. It should not be missed that the three celebrities named in this article – Martinez, Carpentier and Giraldo – were previously seen together in another production: ‘MasterChef Celebrity Colombia 2021. Comedians and actresses developed as participants – the country managed to carry the title of winner – and the chef contributed his talents in this regard as one of the jury for gastronomic reality.

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Other entertainment-focused productions that the public can watch over the weekend (at night) are: ‘Yo Me Llamo’ (Caracol Television) and ‘Who’s the Mask?’ (RCN channel).

A bit of the acting career of Carla Giraldo:

The country has a huge acting career; He has shown his talent in this area in ‘They Call Me Lolita’ (1999) – Giraldo was just 13 at the time – ‘Fair Game’ (2005), ‘El Clone’ (2010), ‘Cumbia Ninja’ ( 2013), ‘Loquito Por Te’ (2018) and the list could go on for a long time. Also, she contributed her talents to cinema as an actress in feature films such as ‘In Fraganti’ released in 2009, which had Juan Camilo Pinjon as the director.

As for the sentimental field, around 2014 he began his passionate history with Mauricio Fonegra (DJ). During their relationship, the actress has lived the experience of being a mother on two occasions, first with the birth of Adrian (2014) and then with Damien (born in 2015).

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