Tales of 3 Dangerous Predators in Week Five of the Champions League

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There are three names that stick out in the fifth match of the 2021-2022 Champions League group stage. The three names in question are Robert Lewandowski, Sebastian Haller, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

This relates to the contribution of goals scored by Lewandowski (Bayern Munich), Haller (Ajax Amsterdam), and Ronaldo (Manchester United).

Lewandowski, Haller, and Ronaldo can be said to be dangerous predators in the penalty box this season. The mention of predators is not an exaggeration, because all three are often good complements in the opponent’s defense area.

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It can be seen from his third appearance in the Champions League group stage. Just look at the statistics of Lewandowsk i, Haller, and Ronaldo in their last five matches.

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The reason is, the three have never lost a moment to damage the sanctity of their opponent’s goal. Is this a coincidence? Let’s dissect their report cards one by one.

Lewandowski is included in the first discussion. The Munich striker has collected nine goals in his last five matches.

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Not much different from Lewandowski . Haller has also scored nine goals in five games. The 22-year-old striker also managed to ink gold in the history of his career in the Champions League.

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