Home Celebrity News Taylor Swift gets “underdog” before the release of her new song, leaves Universal Music and returns to TikTok

Taylor Swift gets “underdog” before the release of her new song, leaves Universal Music and returns to TikTok

Taylor Swift gets “underdog” before the release of her new song, leaves Universal Music and returns to TikTok

Universal Music Group (UMG) announced in January that it would be transferring a large number of its music worksTIC TocReturn to Talks with short-form video platform TikTok have intensified, with the two sides still at a standoff over disputes such as copyright fees, which was once considered UMG’s biggest bargaining chipTaylor Swift(Taylor Swift) has now decided to “quit the team” and return to TikTok.

wall StreetAccording to daily reports, insiders revealed that Taylor Swift’s latest album “The Tortured Poets Department” is scheduled to be released on the 19th. When Taylor Swift’s team recently met with UMG executives regarding the release of the new album, they shared their plans to promote the new album on TikTok and other platforms, UMG executives were surprised by this and expressed hope. That the Taylor Swift team will reconsider.

After more than a week of discussions, Taylor Swift’s team has not wavered, and neither has UMG. But big star Taylor Swift may return to TikTok without UMG’s approval. Artists like him have a more flexible agreement with UMB and can make deals directly with TikTok.

“UMG can’t claim they won the battle that Taylor Swift didn’t want to engage in,” said Bill Warde, director of Syracuse University’s music business program. “It’s an all-out entertainment for artists with a fighting record.” It said, ‘No, I want to come back to this stage.’ This was very damaging to Universal’s argument.

UMG believes that its fight against TikTok is important for artists and will shape the future of the music industry; Some artists, industries, and independent music organizations have also publicly supported UMG, believing that social media platforms should pay more and provide services involving human resources. Greater guarantees of intelligence (AI) and platform security.

When UMG removed a large number of songs from TikTok as a deal a few months ago, Taylor Swift’s team initially got on board, but as time went on, her fans became more and more frustrated. As she was preparing to release her new album on the 19th, she decided to bring her work back to TikTok.

The Wall Street Journal reported that UMG’s biggest star is “defection”, raising questions about the extent of her dispute with TikTok and whether other artists will follow Taylor’s example.

Since UMG withdrew its music product catalog, TikTok has proposed to resume negotiations, but the two parties are still at an impasse. TikTok said it had not experienced a decline or loss of user engagement due to UMG’s removal of its catalog, but previously, TikTok had faced its first steady user growth problem since its inception. UMG said the talks did not affect global music streaming of its artists.



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