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Taylor Swift’s father was not prosecuted for beating up paparazzi in Australia

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the pop queenTaylor Swiftend of februaryAustraliaSydney organized a world tour. At the celebration party after the concert on February 27, it was revealed that her 72-year-old father, Scott Swift, was charged with assault on a paparazzi. After a month of investigation, New South Wales Police announced that Scott Swift was charged with assaulting a paparazzi on the 26th of this month. Special sanction for non-prosecution.

Australian paparazzi Matrix Media journalist Ben Macdonald, 51, accused Scott of “punching me in the face” on a Sydney pier last month.

According to McDonough, Taylor held a celebration party on a cruise ship in Sydney Harbor after her performance on the 26th. When he and his team disembarked on the morning of the 27th, the escort covered his camera and face with an umbrella. Unexpectedly, Scott suddenly “got involved in the fight,” “he came at me and punched me in the face.”

In response, Taylor’s spokesperson said at the time, “Two men violently approached Taylor, grabbed her bodyguard and threatened to throw a female staff member overboard.”

According to a video released by Australian media, at about 2:30 local time on the 27th, Taylor Swift was walking on the Neutral Bay Pier under an umbrella with her father and bodyguard; The video camera flashed, and two people believed to be there appeared. In the voices of MacDonald and the bodyguard, both accused each other of touching the umbrella.

McDonough previously told the BBC that Taylor was already in the car when Scott attacked without warning. “I’ve been a paparazzi for 23 years and I’ve never been punched in the chin.”



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