Teenager who killed two people in a racial protest in America acquitted of all charges

WorldTeenager who killed two people in a racial protest...

Justice has spoken and the United States is holding its breath again over a possible response to its dictation. the jury of kenosha (Wisconsin) ha released on this friday five counts came to face Kyle Rittenhousemilf teen joe Armed with a semi-automatic rifle, he killed in August of last year Two People and a third injured Protest who later lived in the city Police will shoot a black citizen, Jacob Blake, in the back,

Later two week trial Anything else 26 hours of discussion, NS five men and seven women The jury supported this argument with its decision. Self Defense On which now 18-year-old Rittenhouse’s lawyers have raised their case. And by his decision he disregarded the prosecution, which assured in its final arguments that “you cannot claim self-defense against the threat you pose.”

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In the Rittenhouse case, as is happening in Georgia for the murder of young black Ahmaud Arbery at the hands of three white men, some of them more explosive cases currently living in the US, a mix in which they appear issues of caste and racism and the rise of Protest in some violent cases but also a A rising wave of “vigilance”; in which a. citizen of country full of weapons In the hands of citizens they are taking justice in their own hands.

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Rittenhouse reacted to the reading of the verdict by shedding tears and falling down briefly. NS the stresswhile it is Raised up Before the possibility that they’ll be in the streets again Protest, Police presence has intensified in Kenosha and the governor of Wisconsin has drank500 members of the National Guard repairedIn the L case the forces of the order call for reinforcement.

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