Temporarily put on hold on Twitter acquisition, Musk reveals the reason for the fall in Twitter’s share price

Musk said he would suspend Twitter acquisition.Reuters

Proposed acquisition of online social platform for $44 billionTwittercorporate billionairemusksaid on Twitter that the need to audit and investigate the cyber army and fraudulent accounts on Twitter will suspend the acquisition pending the results of the audit, and that Twitter’s share price fell about 18% in pre-market trading. Went.

Musk cited a Reuters report dated 2nd of this month saying that Twitter believes that less than 5% of active users on its platform are bots or bots.scamaccount, which means the vast majority are still “real” users who have the ability to monetize such as advertising. But Musk tweeted: “Twitter takeover will be temporarily halted while waiting to calculate whether scam/pure army account is really under 5%.”

Twitter’s share price fell to $37 before the US stock market on the 13th, a 17.9% drop from the closing price on the 12th, indicating that investors began to wait and watch, doubting that the transaction was successful. may or may not be.

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