Tennis player Peng Shuai reunites with IOC and holds video call

WorldTennis player Peng Shuai reunites with IOC and holds...

  • The athlete who accused the former deputy prime minister of rape has held talks with Olympic leader Thomas Bach.

  • This is the first direct exchange A case between a player from outside China and a sports official since ‘born’

Public appearance and video call with IOC President Thomas Bach: Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai reappeared this Sunday, although this does not completely resolve doubts about his personal status when increased international pressure to try to help him.

The IOC said in a statement that the tennis player explained that “she was safe and sound, but she wanted her personal life to be respected,” the body said of a video call that lasted 30 minutes, in which the commission The president of the number of athletes, Emma Terho, and the Chinese Li Lingwei, who also belong to the IOC. This is the first direct exchange Ever since the matter ‘born’ between the player and a sports official from outside China.

According to the IOC, the player indicated that “she likes to spend time with her friends and family today.” “I am relieved to see that Peng Shuai is doing well, this was our biggest concern,” Emma Terho said in the statement.

Before Peng’s kids came to the tournament, According to a video and pictures revealed in the official profile China Open held on Weibo social network. This will be her first official appearance since her sexual abuse reports were censored on the Chinese internet.

Former world number one in doubles, Peng Shuai, 35, has not appeared in public since Accused Zhang Gaoli in early November, a powerful former leader of the Chinese Communist Party, 40 years her senior, for forcing her to have sex.

Following international complaints from governments and tennis starsChinese official media have flashed images to indicate that Peng is in good condition.

hat and mask

A video from Sunday’s event, tweeted by Global Times editor Hu Zijin, shows Peng standing among a group of guests at the stadium, whose names were being announced over loudspeakers. Another reporter from the same newspaper tweeted another video featuring Pango autograph signing for kids What appears to be the same stadium, before posing with them for a few photos. The videos are in addition to other images released by Hu on Saturday night, the first of which shows Peng entering a restaurant wearing a coat, hat and mask. There is a sign that says Beijing Yibin Guesthouse, a Beijing restaurant owned by the local Sichuan government. AFP could not confirm the authenticity of the video.

Hu tweeted in English that the second video shows “Peng Shuai”. having dinner with your coach and friends in a restaurant. The content of the video clearly shows that they were taken on Saturday Beijing time. “The Conversation Turns Around” Tennis Match. “Tomorrow is November 20,” said a man sitting with Peng and the two women, but one of the women corrected him by saying “It’s the 21st day,” implying that the video was recorded on Saturday. Peng is resting late at night in a mobile phone video.

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forced sexual encounter

Peng’s message against Zhang was the first complaint of its kind involving members of the high command of the Communist Party of China. It was briefly posted on the player’s official Weibo account (the equivalent of Twitter in China) in early November, before being censored in the Asian country.

In the message, attributed to Peng Shuai, but whose authenticity could not be verified by AFP, the tennis player indicated that Zhang Gaoli had resumed contact with him. When he retired from politics in 2018, inciting a forced sexual encounter. Peng Shuai’s fate raises many questions since those allegations.

WTA President Steve Simon, which manages the women’s tennis circuit, considered the video “inadequate” to show that Peng Shuai is in good health, as the images do not show that the tennis player can “make his decisions and his actions”. I am free or not. “I have made it clear what should happen, our relationship with China is at a crossroads,” the WTA president said. Organization that has threatened to terminate lucrative contracts With China if it does not get information about Peng’s health condition and whereabouts.

UN asks for proof that he is safe and sound, while the hashtag #WhereisPengShuai (#where isPengShuai) spread like wildfire on social media. And on Saturday, the British Foreign Office also urged China to provide “verifiable evidence” on the tennis player’s “safety and location”.

pronunciation of tennis players

Meanwhile, four pictures of the tennis player were posted on Twitter account @shen_shiwei on Friday afternoon. Identified as “Media Affiliated to the Chinese State” by social network. AFP could not independently establish when these photos were taken. Videos that surfaced on Saturday and Sunday were released after the photographs, while the Chinese government declined to comment on the matter. The Peng Shuai case has been censored in China and the tennis player’s environment does not want to comment on it.

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Former Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli, who visited from 2013 to 2018 one of the seven most powerful political leaders from China, did not publicly respond to the allegations.

In recent days, many tennis players have demanded the player’s news citing the matter. Last Saturday was Roger Federer and Rafael Nadalo, who wished in statements to the European media that the champion was “well” and appealed to the union to be a “tennis family”.

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