Terens Puhiri Ensures Borneo FC Silences Persela

SportsTerens Puhiri Ensures Borneo FC Silences Persela

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HELPBorneo FC secured three points after silencing Persela Lamongan 2-0 in continuation League 1 2021/2022 at Sultan Agung Stadium, Bantul, Tuesday (23/11/2021) evening.

Borneo FC started the first half very well. Risto Vidakovic’s men immediately took control of the match in the first half with superior possession.

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However, no goals have been created until 15 minutes of the game running in the first half. Meanwhile, Laskar Joko Tingkir – the nickname of Persela Lamongan – occasionally counterattacked, and made Borneo FC’s defense dizzy.

Entering the 20th minute, Pesut Etam -Borneo FC’s nickname – continued to suppress the defense of Dwi Kuswanto and colleagues. However, Risto Vidakovic’s troops were observed to have difficulty dismantling the defense of Laskar Joko Tingkir.

In the 22nd minute, disaster occurred for Persela Lamongan after the referee awarded a penalty for Pesut Etam. Not wanting to be in vain, Borneo FC finally managed to excel through a perfect spot kick from Francisco Torres in the 25th minute.

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After that goal, Laskar Joko Tingkir tried to respond with quick attacks. But unfortunately, the efforts of Iwan Setiawan’s troops are always thwarted by the solid defense of Borneo FC.

In the end, no goals were scored until the end of the first half. Borneo FC won 1-0 over Persela Lamongan through Francisco Torres’ penalty kick.

Entering the second half, Persela Lamongan’s game seemed more lively because of the entry of Gian Zola to replace Risqki Putra Utomo. It was observed that Laskar Joko Tingkir continued to pound on the Pesut Etam defense.

Meanwhile, Risto Vidakovic’s troops are still playing safely in midfield. MPI’s monitoring found that Pesut Etam was more patient and played the ball from foot to foot to build attacks.

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