Terrifying! Tyson Fury Gries His Cousin Killed Before His Eyes

SportsTerrifying! Tyson Fury Gries His Cousin Killed Before...

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Horrible night Tyson Fury watched his cousin, Hosea Burton, suffer defeat KO brutal and bloodied accompanied by his father John, Hughie Fury and Joseph Parker. Tyson Fury watched Hosea Burton suffer a brutal and bloody 7th round TKO defeat.

Lewisham And Azeez finished off Burton in a bout for the British Light Heavyweight title at Wembley Arena. In a one-sided battle, Tyson Fury the king of Heavyweights but spoiled by the results.

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Tyson is flanked by brother Hughie, father John and his friend, sparring partner and former world champion Joe Parker. With the support of top boxers is expected to be Burton’s encouragement. However, referee John Latham had to stop the fight after Azeez launched a brilliant strike to end Burton.

Azeez pressed Burton early in the fight with his right hand which pushed him back onto the ropes. The arrogant boxer was stabbed moments later and beaten to death by the shorter man. When the bell rang to end the opening session, Fury was seen clapping for his cousin but he was bound to lose.

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Burton threatened to improve early in the second quarter but Azeez continued to capitalize on his opponent’s high lead against him, ducking under his jab and upLatest News powerful strikes. Azeez curled up Burton’s long straight shot.

The south London boxer landed several powerful right strokes that third rattled Burton again. And then a brilliant left hook broke Burton’s skull again, just before the bell rang to end the round.

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Manchester coach Joe Gallagher told Burton he was too scared to jab before the fourth jab started. And Azeez continued to punish him for his indecision in the fourth round, with a thunderous right hand as Burton’s face turned pink and lumpy.

Burton was battered at the start of his seventh, his extended family jumped to their feet to try to support him and he displayed incredible courage to stay upright. But Azeez eventually locked Burton into a corner and beat him brutally for a 7th round TKO win.


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