Texas man breaks into Koreatown saloon and shoots 3 Korean female police officers: Hate crime not ruled out

A man walked into a hair salon in Koreatown, Dallas, on the afternoon of the 11th, shot three Korean women in the store, and then fled. The photo shows the storefront of “Hair World Salon” at the crime scene. (The Associated Press)

The “Hair World” salon in Koreatown, Dallas, Texas was reported on the afternoon of the 11thShootingIn this case, an African-American man dressed in black suddenly broke into the store and set it on fire, killing three people.KoreanThe woman was not injured, and no one was killed. Police are still investigating, and the suspect has yet to be arrested.

NBC According to local media reports, the salon where the shooting took place is called Hair World Salon and is located in “Hair World Salon”.AsianThe Asian Trade District, also known as Koreatown, Hair World salon operators, employees and guests, including those injured in the incident, are all of Korean descent.

Dallas Police Chief Warren Mitchell told a news conference on the 11th that police have yet to understand the suspect’s motive, and have yet to determine whether it is related to a hate crime, but do not rule out the possibility. has done.

All the injured were later sent to the local hospital. Fortunately, most of the injuries were focused on the limbs, and the injured were not life-threatening; Police said the suspect later fled in a chestnut-red SUV.

According to surveillance footage at the scene, the gunman exited the car with a weapon that looked like a large rifle; He was about 5 feet 7 inches, or 5 feet 10 inches tall, which equated to between 170 and 178 centimeters. Thin, curly body. Medium length hair and a connecting beard.

The Texas non-profit local organization “Crime Stoppers” offered a 5,000 yuan reward in the hope of finding the killer as quickly as possible; The FBI’s Dallas office also said it was cooperating with the Dallas Police in the investigation.

According to a study by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, anti-Asian hate crimes in 2021 are up 339 percent from a year ago; Eight people, six of whom were Asian, were killed in a shootout at a spa in March. Atlanta, Georgia.

The “Hair World Salon” storefront windows are written in Korean. (The Associated Press)

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