Friday, August 5, 2022

Texas man who stabbed Asian father and child in hate crime gets 25 years in prison

Ministry of JusticePress release says Sam’s Club store was attacked with a knife in March 2020AsianfamilyTexasJose Gomez, who pleaded guilty to all three hate crimes after being charged with three hate crimes, was sentenced on the 4th to 25 years in prison. Following the crime, Gomez admitted that the motive behind killing the Asian man and his two young children with a steak knife on a store shelf was that he thought the family “come from the country where the new coronavirus originated” and therefore ” hazard” .

The US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas reports that Gomez admitted in her plea agreement that she stalked an Asian family at a Sam’s Club store in Midland, Texas, on March 14, 2020. I don’t know each other, and the motive for the offense is purely because I think the family is Chinese and “from the country where the new coronavirus originated” and therefore “threatened”.

Gomez, 21, was sentenced on the 4th to 25 years in prison. The case was jointly investigated by the Midland Police Department and the FBI.

According to court records, Gomez admitted that upon entering the store, she first found a serrated steak knife displayed on the shelf, took it off and held it in her hand, and then first attacked the Asian father, the man’s face. But punched, and then the knife. In the DOJ press release, the Asian man who was attacked was only referred to by the initials BC. Gomez immediately returned to the knife display area and grabbed an 8-inch kitchen knife. He again came across the Asian man and attacked two children aged 6 and 2, who were sitting in the child seat of the shopping cart at the time.

A 6-year-old with initial RC, he was stabbed in the face, his right eye was nearly injured, his right ear was cut open, and a wound was also cut on the back of his head. Gomez was also stabbed by Sam’s club clerk, who goes by the initial ZO.

When Gomez was crushed to the ground by other shop assistants and customers, she shouted to the Asian father and son who had been murdered, “Get out of America.”

The press release said that Gomez confessed to investigators after her arrest that she had planned to kill the 6-year-old, but failed because store assistant ZO came to stop it.

“Pandemic, racially motivated acts of violence are reprehensible crimes, and the Justice Department stands ready to hold thugs accountable through hate crime laws,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke, who oversees civil rights.

Clarke said in a statement that the number of hate crimes against Asians has increased significantly during the pandemic, and that the issue should be taken seriously, adding that “all people should have the right to feel safe and secure in those communities.” Where they live, regardless of what they are. race or color. or nationality.”

Sam’s Club Store. (The Associated Press)


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