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The 10th constituency primary elections support the city’s speaker Niue Yulin in support of the Lihuana Progressives.

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Less than a week before the New York state congressional primary election, the competition for the 10th district is heating up.voteCity Councilor Carlina Rivera and State Representative Niue Yulin, who were at the fore, were supported by City Councilor Adrienne Adams and Progressive Councillors, while Trump’s former impeachment prosecutor Dan Goldman visited China. After the port, it was supported by some Chinese community leaders. ,


According to the latest polls, Goldman, who is considered a moderate, has overtaken Lihuana and Niue Yulin, who were leading in the last elections with a 22% approval rate. This has put a lot of pressure on progressives, and candidates have also expedited their elections. First last week, garner more support and solicit votes.

Ouders says Rihuana is a protection for womenabortionleader of the right, he proposedNew York CityThe Abortion Bill of Rights ensures citizens’ abortion rights and makes New York City a safe haven for abortion; “That’s why we need that kind of leadership in Congress, where millions of people are still persecuted for abortion across the country, and Congress needs Rivera. Will continue to fight for rights and physical autonomy, and let her leadership influence the Congress.”

Riverna said that in a city council with a majority of female members, it is very important to be endorsed by the odds; Proving that women can achieve success when they lead, New York City is passing the Abortion Rights Act, and working together to push Congress forward. To pass more abortion protections in the future. ,

In contrast, two Progressive councillors, Tiffany Caban and Shahana Hanif, chose to support Niue Yulin; Caban said that Niue Yulin is the spokesman for the working class, and that the 10th district should be represented by Niue Yulin. To fight against the elite, and insist that Goldman is “descendants of the wealthy who invest in arms dealers, fossil energy companies and Fox News”, “we cannot let them buy congressional positions.” ” Niue Yulin called on progressive people to unite, fight for the working class. ,

After Goldman recently visited Chinatown in New York, he garnered the support of some Chinese community leaders, including Li Zhuoxun, founder of the “Neighborhood Alliance South of Kennedy Road” (NUBC), Fei, president of the Brooklyn Federation of Associations. Includes Xiaolian. and Song Baizy. National Community Service Center President Li Zongbao and American Duhu Association President Wang Weiming and several community leaders recognized Goldman’s stance of focusing on public safety and supporting small businesses.



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