The 6 Best NFL Schedule Release Videos

The only upside to the NFL’s runaway and over-stretched schedule release is team video. All 32 of the league’s social media teams go to great lengths to create the most granular and stunning schedule posting — and at this point, it’s become a rivalry between teams.

Simple timetable graphics are long gone and are now replaced by artwork. Now is the time to celebrate the absolute best in the NFL this year. These are the best timeline release videos for 2022.

No. 1: Los Angeles Chargers, “Anime”

This is absolutely perfect and arguably the greatest timeline release video ever made. The Flash went above and beyond, not only fully animating their timeline release, but evoking some of the greatest anime along the way. Whether it’s invoking Naruto, One Piece, One Punch Man or Food Fight, every element fits together perfectly.

Chargers have come a long way since the accidental tweet about PF Changs.

No. 2: Detroit Lions, “Detroit City Survival Training”

In recent years, nothing on the internet has evoked Detroit quite like the inspirational “Detroit City Survival Training.” DUST has spread across TikTok, Instagram and Twitter — teaching us how to take knives off attackers and destroy them, like Liam Neeson in one take Movie. I like this.

3rd: Denver Broncos, “Intern Russ”

Recalling last year’s “Intern Peyton Manning,” the Broncos are back at the well with their new quarterback. Russell Wilson gets a piece of land in Denver and experiences what it’s like to be the new guy at work. Great job.

No. 3: Carolina Panthers, “Back to the ’90s”

Carolina is full of nostalgia, reminding us of everything that was great (and terrible) in the ’90s. Everything from music and commercials to the dreaded dial-up internet. It’s another solid effort from the Panthers, albeit perhaps not as flashy or interesting as the others on this list.

No. 4: Dallas Cowboys, “Stephen A. Smith”

There is nothing more to say. Even if you hate SAS, it’s fun and well done.

No. 5: New York Giants, “Eli’s Secret Plan”

Everyone wanted a Manning to post their schedule, and the Giants gave us two. Eli and Peyton both star in the film, which is not only a hilarious ode to the former Giants QB, but a reminder of how great the Manning brothers are together.

No. 6: Seattle Seahawks, “Fake Schedule”

This one is simple, mean, and wonderful. From telling players they have to play at Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, to revealing that they have an unusually early Week 5 break and ending the game with the most ridiculous travel schedule imaginable, the shenanigans are both unfair and great.

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