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The actor’s father is suffering from asthma and coma due to smoke from firecrackers. Hope everyone will pray for their father

The Lunar New Year should be full of happiness, but the Malaysian regulars of the Lunar New Year album – brother and sister Zhong Shengzhong and Zhong Xiaoyu are very sad because their father died while watching fireworks after having dinner on New Year’s Eve Had breathed in smoke. Eve, which led to an asthma attack and even breathing difficulties. Although he was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, his heart stopped twice, and although he was rescued, he was still in a coma. zhong shengzong wasFacebookWhile posting, he also asked all parties to pray for his father.

Zhong Shengzhong mentioned in the article that his father loved watching firecrackers, but the smoke from the firecrackers caused him to have asthma attacks. The situation was very serious. His entire body was purple, stiff and he was having difficulty breathing. When sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, his heart stopped twice, and he was saved by a doctor using CPR. Hui is still in a coma and dependent on machines to survive. I hope my father’s will remains intact, and please pray for him. The incident affected him deeply and he called on everyone to tell their parents that they love you and not forget to take pictures with them. Now he also has a lot to say to his father. Zhong Xiaoyu said that everyone is waiting for their dad to get up and take her home. Please dad be strong.

The Chung brothers and sisters have often released albums for the Chinese New Year in the past, and in this year’s album they even turned themselves into popular celebrities.barbieLittle did they know that they were dressed in red and filled with joy, but they were facing unprecedented challenges. This Spring Festival made him feel very heavy.

Zhong Shengzhong (middle) posted a photo with her parents, hoping her father (left) would wake up soon. Image/quote from Facebook



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