The American-Chinese Political Coalition announces support for candidates for public office at all levels in Southern California

The American Chinese Political Alliance (formerly the American Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao Chinese Political Coalition) held a press conference at noon on 12 May (Thursday), announcing that all levels, including Aubon, California, Los Angeles County, would be held on 7 June. on public office. , local governments and school districts. Elected, supported candidates. (provided by the organizer)

We.SugarThe Political Alliance (formerly the US-Vietnamese-Cambodia-Chinese Political Alliance) held a press conference at noon on 12 May (Thursday) announcing 7 June.californiaLos Angeles County, local governments, school districts and other public office elections supported candidates at all levels, asking Chinese and voters of all ethnic groups to vote for these 12 candidates for re-election. Proceed at 11, or the primary election, the month after winning the election.

The list of 11 candidates supported by the American-Chinese Political Coalition is: Federal Level: Support Congress California 27th DistrictLok Sabha(Member of the US Congress) Judy Chu, representative of the 28th new constituency after the rescheduling of the election district; Congress’s Korean Representative for the 39th District of California, Young Kim, the 40th new constituency after reelection election district’s MP.

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California Level: Support for California State Comptroller candidate Yvonne Yiu; California State Insurance Commissioner candidate Vinson Eugene Allen; California District 49 Assembly member Fang Shuqiang (Mike Fong for re-election.

Los Angeles County Level: Support for the re-election of Hilda Solis, County Supervisor for the First District of Los Angeles County; Jeffrey Prang, Los Angeles County Assessor, for re-election; Candidate for Superior Court Judge Melissa Lyon.

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Municipal level: Support Rosemeat City Councilman Steven Lai’s re-election bid.

Local School Districts: Support Pasadena College (PCC) District 7 candidate Elton Wang; Pasadena College District 5 candidate Christine Kwang; Arcadia School District (Arcadia USD) Board of Education candidate Ben Zhang.

The translation of the Chinese ballot is wrong, Rao becomes Yingfan Yuni.

Lu Chunyu, president of the US-China political coalition, said California’s June election is expected to be a highly competitive election with a large number of candidates for public office. In November of this year, the US midterm elections will be held again, and the voting percentage will also increase relatively. Over the past few months, the league has begun meeting with a number of candidates to learn about their political views, and after board discussions voted to support these candidates, both veterans and rookies.

Zhao Meixin and Jin Yingyu, two federal congressmen who supported him, were unable to attend the press conference that day because of their debriefing on Capitol Hill, and they sent a special letter to the coalition thanking them for their support.

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At the California level: Rao Yingfan, the candidate for the California Comptroller, is standing among the candidates of the Democratic Party, and the election is tentatively ahead. She urges voters to vote for her in the June primary election. If she goes ahead successfully, she is sure to be elected controller in the long run. Vinson Eugene Allen, the California Insurance Commissioner’s nominee, is competing as a rookie. Though the competition is fierce, he will try his best to do well in the election. Representative of California’s 49th district, Fang Shuqiang, defeated his rival Burton Brink in a special election in April this year and was successfully elected to succeed Zhou Benli for the remainder of his term. Of confidence.

Rosmeet Municipal Councilor Li Zi is currently serving in the army. The city’s mayor, Polly Lou, is doing her best to assist him in the election. I believe he can easily pass the exam and can continue to serve in city government after completing his. military service in September

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Lu Chunyu pointed out that in the subsequent election process, in addition to the support of candidates by the Alliance Council, Sun Liking, president of the Asian American Rights Promotion Association (AAAA), called volunteers to solicit votes for each candidate. Through interactive communication of promotional activities, we encourage Chinese voters not to give up their due rights and obligations in the United States, participate actively in politics, care about elections, and vote enthusiastically. Currently, Asian-American residents make up more than half the population in many cities in the San Gabriel Valley. Although Asian-American representatives are gradually increasing in elected representatives of city councils and school districts in these communities, they are still a minority in state and federal elected representatives. The coalition hopes to change the field of Chinese politics through this election. If the Chinese voter turnout is high, more mainstream elected officials will in the future listen to the voice of the Chinese, and also strive for more rights and interests for the Chinese. in the United States.

The four honorary presidents of the coalition, Ye Anli, Xi Zhenfa, Ding Yanyu, Zhuang Chunhui, Mayor of San Gabriel, Wang Xiao, Chief Financial Officer, Huang Zhengfen, Guo Yuanpei, Wang Ailin, Du Lanning, Chen Yicun, He Xiaohui, Shen Liu , Fu Lang, Dr. Zhao Hong, Jennifer Kong and many other directors; San Gabriel City Counselor Wu Chengyuan, President of the Asian American Rights Promotion Association Sun Liking, Honorary President Zhang Mang, Vice President Wang Lei; Huaquan Association President Jiang Zihao, Southern California Fujian Association President Gao Yuanpei and other foreign Chinese leaders Liking I attended the press conference.

California Chinese Congressman

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