The average monthly salary for 80% of tech jobs in Beijing is around $3,000.

According to the Beijing Human Resources Market Salary Report, 80% of technical positions have an average monthly salary of RMB 20,000, and vaccine researchers are in high demand. The picture shows job seekers looking at information at the Hebei Job Fair. (Xinhua news agency)

“2022”BeijingMunicipal Human Resource Market Salary Status Report (Q1)” was released on the 11th. The report shows that in the first quarter of this year, Beijing’s “high-end and new” hot jobs were concentrated in the tech sector, and 80 The average salary of more than % positions reached 20,000 yuan (RMB, same below). About US$2,947) per month. Among them, genetic engineeringvaccineResearchers have an average salary of 32,745 yuan per month, one of the top salary levels in the tech sector.

China News Agency reported that the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security released the above report on 11th. According to the report, in the first quarter of this year, Beijing’s “high-tech and new” hot jobs were concentrated in the technology sector, and the average salary of more than 80% of the positions reached 20,000 yuan per month.

Among them, the average salary of natural language processing engineers and systems architects exceeded 35,000 yuan per month, ahead of other positions.

withEpidemicWith the normalization of prevention and control, the demand for high-end R&D talents by biopharmaceutical enterprises is increasing. Genetically engineered vaccine researchers became a “high and new” hot job in the first quarter, with an average salary of 32,745 yuan per month, ranking among the top pay levels for jobs in the tech sector.

In addition, six occupations of integrated circuit engineering technicians, cryptography technicians, electronic data forensics analysts, big data engineering technicians, Internet marketers and artificial intelligence instructors entered the list of “high and new” hot jobs for the first time. The salary level of the above six occupations is relatively high, and the average salary is more than 15,000 yuan per month.

At present, Beijing is fully promoting the construction of “high-end, sophisticated” economic structure. The report shows that in the first quarter, the average salary of the financial industry, digital economy industry, software and information services industry was 14,809 yuan per month, 13,274 yuan per month and 13,116 yuan per month, respectively.

In addition, Beijing has introduced and trained high-end project management talents with scientific thinking and engineering skills, and the ability to allocate innovative resources such as project managers and technical brokers. The report shows that in the first quarter, industrial investors had the highest salaries, with an average salary of 56,481 yuan per month; This is followed by international lawyers, with an average salary of 48,572 yuan per month; Technology broker and patent achievement agent average salary per month is 32,898 yuan and 31,575 yuan per month, respectively.

The statistical caliber of the pay level in the report is the average of the total salary payable before tax in the first quarter of this year, including basic pay, performance pay, bonus, sales commission and related allowances and benefits etc., excluding year-end bonus, Equity incentives and dividends, etc. Income.

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