The best memoir of the consecration of River Plate against racing with dedication to Boca Juniors

U.S.A.The best memoir of the consecration of River Plate...

River Plate defeated Racing Club and were crowned champions of the Professional League., In this way, the millionaire added his 50th AFA title (combining the National League and Cup) and 68 stars in international hospitalizations throughout its history.

Meanwhile, Marcelo Gallardo was able to break the drought and secured his first local championship, as he had five national and seven international cups on his account.

Of course, social networks exploded with memes, with millionaire supporters mocking the longtime classic, Boca Juniors. Also from Racing Club, due to his paternity in history, and with his coach Fernando Gago, who suffered several Olympic laps from River Plate.

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River Plate has reached its 50th AFA star and most national winners: this is the historic tally of titles.
The latest success of the Gallardo revolution: reinforcing the club’s youth
Gallardo, a living myth: he was one step up the title table from being the most victors in River Plate history
Along with the River Plate champions, it is the entrance to the table and cup of the Professional League.
A grand welcome to River Plate at a grand memorial stadium

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