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The body of a Chinese girl who was missing for 6 days was found at the upper part of the waterfall in Los Angeles

22 years old los angelesChinese girlHuang Lifei (ADA) hiked alone to Mount Baldy Snow Mountain in the San Gabriel Mountains on February 4. Six days after contact was lost, a drone found traces of the girl in the upper reaches of Snowy Mountain Falls. When authorities found the girl on the 11th, she was declared dead.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said during the winter storm, Los Angeles Countyel monteHuang Lifei, a resident of El Monte, disappeared while hiking in the snowy mountains and has been found dead. On February 10 (Saturday), someone reported seeing traces of the Huang Lifei girl while using a drone in the area where the Mount Baldy snowy mountain incident occurred. His body was found by authorities on the morning of 11 February (Sunday).

Search and rescue crews went to the upper reaches of San Antonio Creek Falls in the Snowy Mountains on the 10th to search, the police department said in a statement. However, due to complicated conditions on the mountain, they were unable to visit the location of the missing girl. In the lower area of ​​the waterfall, a search and rescue team composed of family and friends found Huang Lifei’s hat and camera bag on the afternoon of the 7th. The family said at the time that it was a distress signal sent by the girl to people.

Affected by the strong winds in the mountains, on the 10th, the police aviation team was unable to enter the area via helicopter when the drone discovered Huang Lifei’s traces. Officials said members of the search and rescue team were deployed in the area near the incident. At about 7:45 in the morning on the 11th, medical staff arrived at the place where Huang Lifei was found and pronounced him dead. As of now, officials have not announced the cause of his death.

Huang Lifei’s family issued a statement on social media, saying that Ada was discovered by a drone at around 3 pm on the 10th. At that time, rescuers were informed to immediately send a helicopter to search and try to retrieve the person. However, due to weather conditions, the girl could not be rescued that day. On the morning of the 11th, helicopters and rescue workers took the girl back to the police station and she was no longer alive.

Huang Lifei climbed the snow-covered mountains alone on February 4. That afternoon, he created a rare event in history.blizzardAttacked in the Southern California area, the girl sent her last text message at around 4 p.m., but there was no further news. Every day since then, family and friends have been suffering, and some people have spontaneously formed a search and rescue team to go to the mountain to search every day. The search and rescue team of the authorities has never given up the search for the missing girl. Search and rescue operations could not go smoothly due to snow storm in the mountains.

The family explained in the statement that in the past week, they had experienced a lot of hope and despair, anger and anxiety, and the final ending was not happy and joyful, but they thanked everyone for their dedication and support in the process of finding . Ada. At the end of the article, I wrote that I hope that all kind people will have a worry-free life and will always be safe, and I wish Ada a happy new year.

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