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The body of Hua Nu, who died in Snow Mountain, was found among waterfalls and rocks. There is no way…

los angelesSugarThe body of girl Huang Lifei (Ada) was found after being missing for several days. The family said the spot where the girl was last found was on a rock amid a snow-capped mountain waterfall. “There is no road next to it. We are not sure how it reached this place and when it came here.”

Huang Lifei’s cousin Ellie said that the place where Huang Lifei was last found was near San Antonio Creek Falls in Baldy Snow Mountain. He explained that “the waterfall has many layers, and there are stones and fallen branches next to the waterfall.”

At about 3 o’clock on February 10 (Saturday), six days after Huang Lifei was lost, a drone flew to the waterfall area to search and found Huang Lifei. The place where the girl’s body was finally found on the 11th was located amidst snowy mountain rocks and waterfalls. There was no direct way to go there. There were mountain slopes on both sides, covered with rocks and trees. Eli said that due to heavy snowfall, people walking on the icy road may slip if they accidentally step on the ground. The complex environment at the scene also made police search and rescue very difficult.

A few days before the girl was found, a drone had also searched the area, but nothing was found at that time. The family said the drone footage of Huang Lifei has been turned over to the police and will not be released to the public. Authorities have not yet announced the cause and time of the girl’s death. The family hopes that he has not experienced too much pain, fear, hunger and cold in his lifetime…

Recalling the past week, Ellie said that as the time for rescue passed day by day, her family and friends were waiting for a miracle and hoping that Huang Lifei would be rescued as soon as possible. Can be found. As soon as Ellie received a call from the police on the 11th, telling her that the body had been found, she said that this news was very difficult to accept, and it meant that her hope was lost.

Huang Lifei was preparing for her postgraduate exams before her death. (Provided by family and friends)

Huang Lifei followed his father in 2015MigrantIn the United States, he worked as a paralegal in a law firm and also held a notary license. His family was proud of him. Eli said that Huang Lifei was preparing for postgraduate exams before her death. She told several friends that she wanted to continue studying for postgraduate exams and live in a new urban environment. He had many beautiful dreams for the future.

Huang Lifei has a variety of hobbies, including hiking and mountaineering. She learns piano, guitar, dance and teaches English to children. Ellie said that her younger sister has a lively, very friendly, carefree personality and has many friends. “She will try all the interesting things you can think of and will love them all. Every time she has a new hobby, she will meet a group of new friends.

This was a young girl who was passionate about life and had countless dreams for the future. His life ended suddenly at the age of 22. Friends said that every Spring Festival, they will spend lively together. Only in this New Year, Huang Lifei left everyone. The family would like to thank everyone who provided information and helped with the rescue process, and hope everyone will stop speculating about the deceased. All rescue material will be subject to the information issued by the police.

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