The bus in which Millonarios players were mobilized was stoned by Nacional fans

U.S.A.The bus in which Millonarios players were mobilized was...

Medellin, November 21, 2021. Atlético Nacional face Milonarios at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, valid for the date 20 of the Betplay II League 2021 (Colprensa / Alejandro Valencia).

After Milanarios defeated Atlético Nacional while visiting Medellin, fans of the local team attacked the bus in which the blue players were rallied with stones. This fact was confirmed by members of the Capital team on 21 November around 7:00 pm, who asked for respect for their honesty.

“There are people above football. The worst was at my window: He almost tapped me,” Milonarios gushed to Emerson Rodriguez.

The player published a video in which you can see how several windows of the bus were saved and pieces of broken glass are visible from the attack on the seats. Reportedly, this must have happened when they were arriving at the Jose María Cordova airport in Rionegro (Antioquia).

Milanarios captain David McAllister also spoke about it and urged him to live football in peace.

“There are people above football. Football in Peace”, wrote the player.

Blue team fans have mentioned this fact on social networks and asked the Major Soccer Division To speak Colombian (Dimayor) and issue sanctions.

“Stones have been pelted on the team by buses of local fans on their way to JMC airport in Rionagro. Fortunately, the entire team is fine and the damage is physical. How long, dimere? Unless someone has remorse?” — @Rafa_Puentes

“Well, the Milanarios players themselves confirm that they were the victims of a stone attack in Medellin. They even tried to attack them during the match inside the stadium. Will nothing happen again, Dimayor?” – Gisele Apa

“It was not enough to throw everything inside the stadium and now the crorepati bus has been smashed with rocks. Someone will ask Diemeyer for approval, but we already know how everything always ends ” – @ cdlm1312

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other reprehensible act done by During the match, fans of National occurred in the 36th minute of the engagement, when he threw blunt objects at Daniele Ruiz de Milanarios.

The blue player went for a North East corner kick to take the shot, but a barrage of objects prevented him from taking a corner kick. Seeing the attacks, the National players approached the fans asking them to calm down and thus restart the game.

Reference:Milonarios won a great game against Nacional

In the pictures you can see how a yellow object hit the young soccer player hard. Firstly, because of the size of the object, fans of Millonarios say it could be a scalpel, but you’ll have to wait for the referee’s report to find out what struck Ruiz.

Given these facts, neither Millonarios or Nacional, nor Dimayor’s directives have spoken. So far only Sports Minister Guillermo Herrera has condemned what happened and classified it as “unacceptable”.

“Unacceptable: The Millonarios bus in Medellin was stoned after the game played today against Nacional. Violence is no excuse for capturing football. Strong disapproval from the Sports Ministry of these attacks,” Herrera wrote on Twitter.

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