The Coalition of Experience is now the ‘Team for Colombia’ and these are the candidates who will go for counseling in March

U.S.A.The Coalition of Experience is now the 'Team for...

This Friday, November 19, the first Coalition of Presidential Candidates Participating in Counseling in March To elect a single presidential candidate to represent them in the first round of 2022. it’s about the call Experience Alliance Who decided to change his name’team for colombia,

former local president and former public official are the ones who make it The political alliance which is located in the center-right, The former mayors are Enrique Pealosa (Bogotá), Alejandro Char (Barranquilla) and Federico Gutierrez (Medellin); Dillian Francisca Toro, former governor of Valle del Cauca; Conservative Party Senator David Barguil; and former finance minister Juan Carlos Echeveri.

After the meeting, Pealosa gave a statement signed by all candidates where he assured that he had managed to set aside personal interests to form the coalition that hopes to win the presidency of the republic.

“We are leaders who have produced results that improve the lives of citizens with zero corruption. We share the fundamentals and objectives of defeating poverty and inequality in all sectors while guaranteeing securityZero corruption, create more and better jobs, move ahead while protecting the environment,” he said.

Similarly, they announced that they would travel to the country together in these months until one of them would be an official candidate in the counseling to be held in March next year. “We believe in and defend democracy”Sentenced to the former mayor of Bogota.

NS national election council Scheduled for March 13, 2022, popular, internal or inter-party consultations of parties and political movements, together with the legal status and important groups of citizens, to make further decisions for the choice of their candidates for the presidency of the republic, A date that coincides with the designated for Congressional elections for the constitutional period 2022-2026.

Political groups that choose this mechanism must notify CNE in writing, no later than 13 December of this year, and by 27 December, they will have a withdrawal period.

To be interrogated, the parties and movements must prove: that the decision was adopted in accordance with the statutes, inform the mechanism for the selection of ex-candidatesIf it is about an internal consultation, provide an updated associated registry; if it is a consultation of a significant group of citizens or interparty, provide a copy of the registry of the Registration Committee.

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If consultations are held to select candidates for the office of the President of the Republic, the ex-candidates They can register at the National Registry Office of Citizen Status by February 11, 2022, Whereas participation in consultation with important groups of citizens will be conditional on verification and approval of support is granted on the date of registration of the pre-candidates.

Thus, the electoral panorama for the next year will be Focus on the Coalition Before the First Presidential Round, On the one hand there will be historical agreement that candidates for each political movement so far are: Gustavo Petro (Colombia Humana – UP), Roy Barreras (Power of Peace), Francia Marquez (I am because we are), Arelis Maria Uriana (MAIS), Camilo Romero (Green Party), and the Democratic poll candidate are missing.

will be center-left Hope Alliance That has been confirmed so far by Sergio Fajardo (Civil Commitment), Juan Fernando Cristo (On ​​the Move), Jorge Robaldo (Dignity), Juan Manuel Galán (New Liberalism) and Carlos Amaya (Green Party). Former Rector of the Andes Alejandro Gaviria is expected to attend the consultation.

In favor of Uribismo, the Democratic Center Party will reveal the poll in a few days that it applied among its militants to define its own candidate who would be among them. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, Senator María Fernanda Cabal, former Governor Alirio Barrera, Senator Paloma Valencia and former Deputy Minister Rafael Nieto Loiza. Those who are left can also join the alliance but no one has been called so far.

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