The Connor Lamb has all the features of a Pennsylvania front runner. So why is he struggling?

Miss Brady voted for Mr. Feitman in advance. “He doesn’t look like a guy who dropped out of Ivy League school,” she says. “He’s going to connect with a variety of voters.”

In a recent debate, Lamb said he knows how voters feel about a number of issues. “They are looking for stability and caution in their leadership,” he said.

But the message echoing Mr. Biden’s 2020 campaign may be old.

Brendan McPhillips, who is leading the Biden campaign in Pennsylvania, said Democratic voters are looking for something different: candidates are committed to fighting what they consider to be dangerous moderate Republicans. Although both Mr. Lamb and Mr. Feltman supported the removal of the Senate Filibuster to approve the Democrats’ priorities, Mr. Feitman went a step further and frequently targeted Democrat Manchin, who blocked the bill’s reform.

Mr McPhillips said today’s caution is misinformation on a democratic basis. “The shares will not be high,” he said. “We are fighting real fascists. We have to look for bold ideas. “

From the outset, Mr. Lamb’s fundraising did not match Mr. Fetterman’s appeal to small online donors across the country. After launching its first TV ad in March, the Lamb campaign had to close almost the entire month of April, a crucial month for voters to focus on the campaign. The campaign, which returned to television in late April, spent $ 543,600 on advertising in the first week of May in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, according to ad tracking company AdImpact.

Mr Feltman’s TV commercial has been running since March. They spent $ 537,000 in the first week of May, reaching two major cities in the state, including Wilkes-Barre and Harrisburg.

Some strategists say Mr Lamb should be outraged at Mr. Feiterman in his statement – especially in 2013 when Braddock Meyer, Mr. Feiterman, used a shotgun to stop the unarmed Black Jagger.

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