The controversy over the candidacy of John Milton Rodriguez for Colombia continues Justa Libres

U.S.A.The controversy over the candidacy of John Milton Rodriguez...

A week earlier, during the national convention of the Christian party Colombia Justa Libres, Senator John Milton Rodriguez was declared the only presidential candidate. with a majority of 75% of the representatives, Congressman defeated the outgoing co-president of the community, Ricardo Arias Mora.

Today we must rethink the country from regions, giving each of them a voice to maximize their economic, social and cultural potential. It’s time to lead Colombia with solutionssaid the candidate.

After that, The Christian congressman decided to hold meetings with candidate Juan Carlos Echeveri to discuss a possible union of the party with the Alliance of Experience, where there are some former governors and former mayors. He also met candidates of the Mira party, who would demand a unified list to the Congress to guarantee the presence of Christian movements in the next legislature.

Everything was going well for Rodriguez, in addition to enjoying good support within his party and making his candidacy official, he was negotiating a coalition to be able to reach the 2022 elections with a majority. Like Colombia pulled off Justa Libre. Even then, The candidate, who did not trust his rival Ricardo Arias within the Christian movement, and who had earlier recognized his victory in a negative way a few days earlier, asked the National Electoral Council (CNE) to investigate irregularities within the internal texts. on 12 November.

The request was made through a letter by the former chairman of the National Savings Fund in which he assured that John Milton Rodriguez was not elected by party members, but by outsiders, which the politician did in the election. had participated, had participated in the election. ,

,[Rodríguez] He brought in some of the supporters of his election as senator and all the members of the legislative work unit and some employees from different sectors of the ministries in the city of Bogota, who Do not belong to Colombia Justa Libre PartyArias argued.

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But complaints were raised not only about the way Arias won Rodriguez’s candidacy, but also about the alliances he has been weaving on behalf of the party.

,Colombia Justa Libres does not authorize any person to participate in any of the meetings. Neither the National Board of Directors has officially authorized anyone, nor have I been informed as co-chairman. Just fantasies!”, Arias said on his Twitter account.

Faced with a growing dispute between the two leaders of the Christian community, party general secretary Flor Angelica Rueda assured that if Arias’ allegations are true, legal measures should be taken to solve the problem.

“In view of the above, I must reiterate once again that the decisions taken by the National Conference which began on October 30, 2021 were adopted in accordance with the law, If you are not satisfied or have any objections for any other valid reason, I respectfully suggest using the legal means established in the Colombian electoral regime.”, expressed in a letter to the Secretary.

Rueda’s letter was shared by candidate Rodriguez, who assured that he would continue “with all the determination the party’s only candidacy for the presidency”. In addition, he described the allegations about his election as “unfair”, “some people who, not having a favorable outcome with respect to their personal aspirations, attack the party’s institutionality and its decisions in accordance with the law.” Huh.”

For now, other members of the party have not mentioned an alliance with the centre-right coalition, so it is unknown whether Rodriguez’s moves are getting the full support of the political party.

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