The Cooks cancel their presentation at Corona Capital 2021

U.S.A.The Cooks cancel their presentation at Corona Capital 2021

The cook was canceled at the last minute (Photo: Rodrigo Alonso)

British band The Cooks announced at the last minute that their performance would include Corona Capital Festival 2021 has been canceled because singer Luke Pritchard had to go back to the UK Immediately.

According to the festival’s official Twitter account, Pritchard R.He graduated in his home country as he was about to become a father. However, neither the band nor Luke himself have released any further comment.

,Cooks singer Luke is about to become a father and we are informed that he will be moving back to the operating room with his wife. Corona Capital wishes him all the best and along with the rest of The Kooks, regrets not being able to perform tomorrow, ”the festival shared via its social network.

(Photo: Twitter/@CoronaCapital)
(Photo: Twitter/@CoronaCapital)

In view of this, fans of the band expressed their dissatisfaction, because during the afternoon of Friday 19 November Members of The Cooks share photos of typical Mexican dishes Through their personal social media, which meant the band was ready to sing all the hits in front of their fans.

However, this was not the only performance that was cancelled, as singer Saint Vincent announced through a statement published on her social network that her show in Mexico would not take place due to a positive case for COVID-19. Team member.

“Despite strict adherence to COVID protocols, including vaccination and the requirement of indoor masks, A member of the St Vincent team tested positive, As a precaution for the safety of the band, the team and especially the fans, St Vincent will cancel his participation in Corona Capital 2021 on 20 November. This decision was very difficult to make, but it is for the safety of all who attend and participate in the festival,” the letter reads.

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after 18 months to supportThe show in Mexico, this November 20 and 21, will be back on a load of musical proposition’s most successful mass shows. Corona Capital, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez’s Turn 4 after the cancellation of the 2020 edition For the health pandemic caused by COVID-19. Since the announcement of their poster, some fans weren’t excited about the absence of the more famous cast.

Despite this, last minute tickets are expected and fans are eyeing social networks. The main bands participating on Saturday are Tama Impala and Disclosure, whereas Twenty One Pilots and Rufus du Soli Still confirmed for this Sunday.

St Vincent was the first to cancel his presentation at CC21 (Photo: Robin Beck / AFP)
St Vincent was the first to cancel his presentation at CC21 (Photo: Robin Beck / AFP)

“The event is set to receive the same amount of people we used to. In 2019 we had about 95 thousand people per day, this was Chapter 10. NS venue It’s ready to be received, but I can’t predict how much the public will participate, I think 60 or 70 thousand people per day are going through all the situations we’re experiencing. OCESA.

With regard to sanitary measures, the organization has “Temperature measurement at sanitizer, sink, access, try to make sure that the mouth guard is worn most of the time.

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