The criminal gang ‘Los Tillins del Norte’ led by a minor was destroyed by the PNP

U.S.A.The criminal gang 'Los Tillins del Norte' led by...

PNP ended criminal gang

Deep blow to the crime. NS National Police of Peru, managed to eliminate a criminal gang named ‘Los Tillins del Norte’, which was led by a minor.

law enforcement officers in the district a little break To put an end to this organization, which was the terror of passers-by, as it robbed those who crossed the main streets of Lima Norte with armed hands.

The band was led by a 17-year-old teenager nicknamed ‘Tillin’ or ‘Manguito’, as reported RPP News Col PNP Jorge Cosio Medina, Head of Divpole North 2.

“This 17-year-old minor is the leader of this gang. He has an extensive criminal record”, the officer expressed.

The band’s participants were found in the area of la pascana, in Comas, is moving suspiciously in a motorcycle taxi; so the agent national police They started interfering.

The suspects fled after seeing that police officers were chasing them, but were stopped at a house on José de Sucre Street. The policemen managed to nab five members of the gang including their leader and confiscated the motorcycle taxi in which they were traveling to commit their misdeeds.

The neighbors were calm and congratulated the police action, but asked for more police and municipal presence, as they assure that the coma is no man and the poor lighting makes the neighbors easy prey for criminals.

On intervening after cell phone theft, thief said he would not speak without his lawyer’s presence

“I want a lawyer!” This was said after a criminal was intercepted by Serenazzo of Surco when he stole a cell phone from a neighbor in the area. According to the victim, she was about to pay for her food when the young man took away her mobile phone from her.

However, upon intervening, the thief assured that he would not make a statement without the presence of his lawyer. In his luggage he found a hand-made pipe and a police uniform cap. When asked about this cloth, he said that he found it in the garbage.

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The subject was identified as Addison Meier Rojas Bautista and they were interred in the 25th block of Caminos del Inca Avenue, Surco. Moments before the incident, he had assaulted Mrs Maya Suarez when she took out her wallet to pay for the food requested by her at a restaurant in the area. The woman ran after him and sought help from the guards, who with quick intervention managed to nab the petty thief.

“I was paying Chifa Girl in front of ‘El Chinito.’ I took out my luggage, this guy came from behind and pulled me over. I came running after him. Now yeah, it’s not like that. I’m crazy I’m going to file a complaint”, said the woman.

It is worth mentioning that rosas bautista There are already several complaints of serious robbery. At the time of interrogation and interrogation for his actions, the man admitted to having three complaints for the offense, but assured that all were false. When a police cap was found, he indicated that he picked it up and took it to the dustbin. The shocking thing was that till his lawyer did not come, he would not say anything further.

“We heard the woman’s request for help. We have detained her by finding a cell phone that she had taken from her. Upon reviewing it, a ganja consumption pipe was found. The robbery was constructed by Katar Ismail Belich”pointed to one of the serenades of Drain, expressed peace to Exitosa.

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