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The cultivable land in the Chengdu Plain has decreased by 40% in ten years. Official media: What happened to the Tianfu granary?

Chinese state media reported that the Chengdu Plain’s arable land area has decreased by 40% in ten years, and there are many “historic” problems. (China News Agency)

Sichuan Province in China is located in the Sichuan Basin, and has areas suitable for cultivation, such as the Chengdu Plain. In the past, it was known as the granary of Tianfu. However, the latest survey shows that its cultivable land area has decreased significantly within ten years.CCPThe official media thus questioned, what happened to the Tianfu granary?

Xinhua News Agency’s “Banuetan” released a document on May 12, saying that the “Third Land Survey” released in 2021 showed that the area of ​​cultivated land in the Chengdu Plain was reduced by 40% within 10 years. It is done. once serious.

The report pointed out that in a traditional village in the Chengdu plain, it was found that the entire village has 3,261.5 MU of arable land, and most of the land is transferred for planting flowers and plants. Some industry players said that although the government encouraged flower and tree owners to vacate “forest land” and return to farming, respondents did not consent. Many, “On the one hand is to withdraw the subsidy of 3,000 yuan (RMB) per mu, and on the other hand there are flowers and trees whose production value per mu is more than 3,000 yuan, how will you choose?” The implication is that the subsidy is far less than the benefit of planting.

In addition, in some areas of the Chengdu Plain, citrus is grown in large quantities on arable land. One industry practitioner reported that “a mu citrus can be grown for several thousand yuan, while grain is only one or two hundred yuan.” Many farmers said, “Even if the land is re-cultivated, I don’t want to grow grain. I earn 150 yuan (RMB) per day as a small laborer. How much rice can I buy?” Stone. According to the report, the demand for sand and gravel for construction is strong, mining sites for sand and gravel are diverse, and the form of front-line supervision at the ground level is relatively simple, which poses a great challenge to law enforcement.

Waste land is also a major problem. The report noted that some companies acquired 1,218 mu of industrial land in the northern part of the Chengdu Plain around 2015, but their factories were overgrown with grass. The report quoted the Chengdu Bureau of China’s National Natural Resources Inspectorate as saying that in 2020, in two development zones in a city in the northern part of the Chengdu Plain, a total of 5 projects with a total area of ​​1,376 acres are long-suspended. Has been given. Over-construction and under-use have not ended, of which 1,489 MU of land is idle; There are 25 projects with 883 MU of land which have been completed and production and business operations have been stopped, resulting in poor management. In Chengdu, most of the 24,600 mu of collective agricultural land left unused through “advance clearing” has not been approved for pre-purchase.

Although people’s desire to plant arable land is not as good as that of flowers and trees, the Sichuan provincial government continues to promote “arable land conservation”. The No. 1 document of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee in 2022 clearly states that those who aim and actions of arable land protection should be completed expeditiously in accordance with the relevant arrangements and requirements. Formulate a plan for the restoration and supplementation of cultivable land, and promote it in a planned, targeted and rhythmic manner, and gradually restore and replenish it; Strengthen the dynamic monitoring of cultivated land and permanent basic agricultural land, explore the implementation of the “region dominant system”, and establish a five-level linkage of provinces, cities, counties and villages. arable land protection network supervision system, etc.

Villagers from a village on the Jinma River in Chengdu said last month a team of key officials from Chengdu led a team to work on the site.


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