The Dallas saloon shooting may have been linked to widespread attacks on Asian businesses

No arrests were made in any of the cases.

The area around the salon where the shootings took place is known as the Asian Business Zone and is located in the city’s Coriatown. It is home to a growing Asian-American population and can see signs of Korean hair salons and Korean BBQ restaurants on the busy Royal Lane.

According to the US Census, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders make up 4 percent or 48,278 of Dallas’ population.

The Dallas Police Department has long had a unit of officers who speak languages, including Korean, Vietnamese and Tagalog, as part of an effort to prevent crime in Asian communities. Despite these efforts, police officials say many crimes against Asian Americans have not been reported.

Chief Garcia said on Friday that the department would increase patrols in relation to the Asian community in the city. There is no place for hatred here.

According to data released by the FBI, there were 279 “partisan incidents” in 2020, up from 158 in 2019, and there was a disturbing wave of crime against Asian Americans across the country at the start of the coronavirus epidemic.

Stop AAPI Hate, a company that collects data on biased crimes against Asian Americans, said it received 10,905 reports of hate attacks from March 2020 to the end of last year. According to the group, the vast majority of reported attacks are verbal abuse, followed by physical assault.

Elected officials near Dallas say they are committed to supporting the city’s Asian-American community.

State Senator Nathan Johnson, Democrat, said, “The Southeast Asian and Asian American communities in North Texas are growing and have significant cultural and political significance, and I feel very sorry for any population that is being persecuted here.” Area.

The fact that the hair salon was targeted was primarily comparable to the high-profile murders in the Atlanta area last year, in which a gunman robbed three spas and killed eight people, mostly women of Asian descent. The suspect, then 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, told police he went to such massage parlors because he had a “sex addiction” and fired to overcome his “temptations”.

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